It’s Back to School Time: Custom Labels to the Rescue!

custom labels

Parents everywhere are sending their children through the gauntlet of final school preparations. Haircuts, doctor appointments, physicals and medical forms, new outfits procured, backpacks, sneakers, and every other check mark off the to do list that can possibly be accomplished. And of course, along with all of the other back to school tasks comes the dreaded school supply list. It can all be maddening, especially if you have more than one child and they attend different schools. The good news is that you can organize this chaos and custom labels are here to help you do it!

Even though the dog days of summer are currently upon us – that means back to school time is not far behind. It’s a bittersweet time of year; joy at getting some free time back as the kids are occupied all day, sadness that summer is ending and another year has passed, babies growing up. Getting organized for the upcoming school year can be a fun activity that you do together with your kids. Here’s how to use our custom labels in the process:

School supplies

You follow the school supply list to the letter yet everything is still a jumble when you bring it all home. You’re trying to fit it all in the backpacks but there’s overflow and now each child has to bring in additional bag of supplies. You can simplify this process and make the first day of school a breeze for everyone. Make a label for each child with their name, grade, and teacher and put it on each item. Drop the supplies off a day or two before school starts and your child will arrive with them already at their desk. The first day of school should be about photos and friends, not “Did you pack your paper towel rolls and anti-bacterial wipes?”

Schoolbooks and notebooks

Keep a sheet of labels on hand for the first week of school as your children bring home books and workbooks. Attach a label to everything possible so that your child’s books won’t get lost.

Meal prep

Meal prepping for the week is on trend and definitely a healthy way to go. Many people would rather spend a few hours on Sunday cooking for the week instead of scrambling to pack the same sandwiches every morning. Kick your school lunch meal prep up a notch with labels for your cool bento containers. Color-coded labels for each child and the day of the week will make the boxes easy to grab in the morning and help your children to get themselves ready for school.


Most kids come home from school and immediately start scrounging for snacks. If you’re anything like Martha Stewart you have a tray of freshly baked cookies and milk ready to go. If you’re like the rest of us you’ve completely forgotten to go grocery shopping and there’s a half bag of beef jerky and some saltines in the pantry. Kids will start digging around and making unhealthy choices. You can simplify after-school snacks with custom labels. Keep a mason jar on the counter or in the refrigerator labeled with their name and “Snacks.” When you prepare their lunch for the day, put their snack allotment in the jar. Once they’ve finished their allowed snacks, they can only eat healthy fruits or vegetables afterwards.


School requires extra clothing and all are supposed to be labeled. Daycares and younger grades ask for an emergency extra set of clothes. Higher grades need spare gym clothes. Sports require uniforms. Put down that sharpie which will damage the clothing and use printed labels instead. Sharpies can bleed and show through but labels can be easily removed for washing.

Extra-curricular activities

The supply list doesn’t end with the classroom. Extra-curricular activities have their own supplies and the kids tend to pile all their stuff together at meetings or practice. Scouts have uniforms, shirts, and hats. Band and chorus have music books, instruments, and uniforms. Sports have endless gear: cleats, balls, racquets, gloves, sticks, uniforms, helmets, and more. Student council, national honor society, and other after school groups have folders and notebooks. Labels make it easy for the activity lead to locate the right owner of the items.

Calendar labels

While you’re organizing all the back to school stuff, you’ll want to organize the back to school schedule to get your family back into a routine as smoothly as possible. Most parents are using their phone calendar or an online calendar to sync the events, but if your children are too young for phones they may feel like they are not in control of their own schedule. They will go through the week being dragged from one activity to another without knowing in advance what to expect. You can help your kids prepare for their week with a visual aid. A large printed calendar will help them track their days and labels will let them know what they are doing. If Mondays are dance class for one child and Tuesdays are soccer practice, they will get used to getting their gear together after a quick calendar check.

You can tame the chaos of back to school and make the process smooth and organized. With custom labels, your family will go to the head of the class!

Create a WOW Moment with Custom Greeting Cards

custom greeting cards

Has this ever happened to you? You go to the greeting card store and spend way too much time picking up cards and then putting them back because the tone isn’t just right. Finally, you find a suitable card, flip it over, and see $5.99 emblazoned on the back! You’re looking for a simple message and what you’re getting is costing you 20% of the gift you planned to purchase. Never mind that the message doesn’t even quite fit with the tone you wanted. There is a better way to create a meaningful moment and that’s with custom greeting cards by Blue Bee Printing.

What’s the advantage?

With custom greeting cards, the design is totally your own, so you can create a meaningful, heartfelt message. You can include a photo of you, your family, or your pet. You can use a drawing or create your own design in Photoshop. You aren’t pigeonholed into using someone else’s words and images.

In fact, there are many benefits to creating custom greeting cards. One is the variety of options. Our cards come in two sizes, 10 x 7 or 8.5 x 5.5. Make sure you choose your size before you start your design so the proportions are correct. Once you design your front and back, you can choose whether you want to leave the inside blank for a handwritten message or printed on the inside in full color as well. Our cards can be ordered with envelopes or without if you plan on hand-delivering them. Quantities range from 250 to 10,000.

Custom greeting cards can save you money as well. The per-card cost is less than a dollar for custom cards versus the $3-$5 average at a greeting card store. Since we use volume printing, the cost per card goes down the more you order. Custom cards will definitely save you money in the long run.

How you can you use them?

If you’re always scrambling for a birthday card and picking them up from the grocery store every other week, then a set of custom birthday cards would be a fantastic idea for you. You can take a fun family photo with a cake and have your interior message personalized from your family. Your recipient will be more likely to remember your card if it’s fun and heartfelt.

Christmas and other holiday cards are also much more meaningful with a customized look. Generic boxed cards are immediately forgotten and many are tossed in the trash at the end of the season. With custom cards you can print a family photo of your choice. Your friends and family members will appreciate seeing your new picture each year and seeing your kids grow and change. Sending cards to work colleagues and customers also creates a meaningful connection. Your family becomes more real to them and they feel more connected to you as a person.

Blue Bee’s quality custom cards make excellent invitations as well. Milestone celebrations should be announced with a custom touch. Don’t cheapen your event with store-bought invitations or evites. Announce your party in a way that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Anniversaries, birthdays, engagement parties, christenings, first communions, sweet sixteens, and even weddings are a great place to use custom printed invitations.

Another way to use custom printing is with thank you cards. Writing thank you cards doesn’t have to be a lost art. People always appreciate a thank you note for gifts or a kind gesture. If you’re ordering invitations for a party, don’t forget a set of thank you cards as well.

Custom greeting cards are great promotional pieces for businesses. If you are holding a client appreciation event, your customers are more likely to respond to an actual mailed invitation than an email or a postcard. Greeting cards in envelopes are almost always opened rather than discarded. They stand out in a pile of junk mail or #10 envelopes. They make great promotional pieces for prospects and you can even include a handwritten note on the inside. It’s an amazing way to make a professional impression through direct mail marketing in a digitized world.

Don’t spend another minute on generic, expensive store-bought cards. Create a WOW moment with Blue Bee Printing’s custom greeting cards.

Using Custom Stickers to Achieve Your Decluttering Dreams

Minimalism is a trend that’s here to stay. People are finding happiness in letting go of unnecessary possessions. Having vast collections of bric-a-brac is no longer desirable. People want open living with clean, modern spaces. Marie Kondo has tapped into the trend with her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and konmaring your life has become part of our vocabulary. It’s easy to get started decluttering your own home and custom labels can make you an organizing machine!

Sorting Labels: When you have momentum for going through your things, you can derail it pretty quickly. Don’t get bogged down finding new homes for items as you go. Instead use boxes, bins, or bags for categories of items and labels to make it easy. Some categories you may need are keep, trash, recycle, shred, return, sell, donate, and relocate. Being able to quickly make decisions about each item and addressing all like items at once will make the process easier.

Placement labels: Key to keeping any system of organization working is having a place for everything. Custom labels make it easy to know where items will ‘live’ in your home. It also helps to stop you from buying unnecessary things if you know you don’t have room for them. Here are a few areas where you can work labels to your advantage:

  • Closet labels: Label shelves and bins so you don’t have to search for seasonal or special occasion items. Keep kids’ closets organized with hanger dividers for sizes and seasons.
  • Art supply labels: Keep like items with like and label your drawers for paints, drawing supplies, glue, scissors, cloth, and miscellaneous craft items like popsicle sticks, googly eyes, and pompoms. 
  • Office supply labels: It’s unfortunately very easy to overbuy office supplies since these are items that need restocking. But how many binder clips, paper clips, and staples do you really need? After you clear out your drawers to a manageable amount you can use custom labels to separate items.
  • Tools: Why go rifling through a tool chest every time you need a screwdriver? Use custom labels to clearly mark where everything belongs and avoid the urge to throw everything together.

Label photos: If your important family photos are living on your phone you risk losing them or just never looking at them. You can easily organize your photos and create an album you can pass on to future generations. Print out your favorites and write on the back all the important information. Think of it like retro tagging. Create a label with headings and blank areas that you can fill in like names of people, date, and location. The label prevents indentations on the photo from pen and helps you stay organized.

Paperwork: Inundated with endless paperwork, bills, and tax records? Get it off your desk and file everything away. Use custom labels for each year and within the year, each category of bills: medical, credit cards, mortgage, etc. Most accountants agree that you should keep seven years of records so categorizing your papers by year will make it easier to shred the files at year eight. You can elect to receive paperless statements to eliminate some bills. Just make sure you back up your files because the bank often keeps only eighteen months to three years accessible. Don’t store those files on a hard drive only. Keep them backed up to cloud, Google drive, or on a flash drive.

Kids Toys: This is one of the most difficult areas to organize because children are constantly in motion. You may spend hours sorting toys, finding missing puzzle pieces, and matching doll outfits only to have a 3 year old immediately misplace everything. After you’ve gone through and eliminated all broken, outgrown, or incomplete toys, make it easy for your children to maintain an organized space. Custom labels are a great way to help little ones understand where everything belongs. Use large colorful labels with a picture and a word. A puzzle piece and a large word ‘Puzzles’ will help pre-readers know where things belong.

Custom labels are a great way to get started organizing your home. You can design colorful labels with modern fonts on square stickers that make you smile when you put your things away. The team at Blue Bee Printing can walk you through your label order and make sure you have the right sizes for what you need. Once you see how easy it is, you’ll be inspired to organize and simplify every area of your home.

Design Your Business Cards to Get Noticed

Business cards have been in existence since 17th century Europe. Despite digital takeover of every aspect of our lives, business cards remain strong. The expectation of a business card is that it conveys all of your information in once place. However their small size makes them easy to lose. Here’s how to make your business cards stand out and not get left in a trashcan.

Clean and modern design: If you’re using the same format your company has been using for years, it’s probably time for an update. Keep the design clean and easy to read. Avoid script or decorative fonts. It doesn’t do you any good if your customer can’t read your name clearly.

Front and back: Don’t forget to use the back of a business card. Including all of your information on one side makes for a cluttered design. Using the back frees you up to keep the important information on the front and secondary info on the back. It allows you to have a cleaner look without sacrificing important text.

QR code and other digital information: Business cards have stepped fully into the digital age. Contact information no longer has to be manually typed in by a card’s recipient. You can create a virtual business card or vcard. A vcard contains all your contact information, website address, title, and anything else you want to include in a virtual file that can be directly added to a phone’s contacts. How you convey your vcard to the customer is through a scannable QR code.

QR codes are free to create and you can use any QR code generating website to do so. Once you input the vcard information and generate the code, download the image file as an .eps file. Then add it to your design. QR codes have to be a minimum of 1 x 1 cm to be scannable, but you might want to go larger to be on the safe side. Print it out at home actual size and test it to make sure it works before you finalize the design.

The best part about including a QR code is that if your contact information changes, you can update the vcard and the QR code will still work. Instead of having to order new cards immediately when your email address or phone number changes, you can explain to customers that the QR code will have your updated contact information.

Minimal text: Nothing makes a customer’s eyes glaze over than endless blocky text to read. Sometimes people are tempted to include too much information on a business card. Along with company name, your name, title, mobile phone, office phone, website address, physical address, and email address, people will include a company slogan, description or listing of services, fax number, and more. That’s a lot of information to fit on a three-and-a-half by two-inch card. Keep it to the essentials. If someone really needs a fax number they will call your office number to get it, which gives you a chance to have a personal conversation with them and create a connection. Keep your list of services short or use images to convey the idea. Try to make the company slogan blend with the logo so it separates that text from the rest of the card.

Photos and logos: Clear photographs and clean company logos go a long way to making your card memorable. If you include a photo of yourself, use a professional shot where you are smiling. If you are using stock photos or taking your own photos, make sure you use a high quality camera. Be careful to upload the full image size. Print requires high-resolution photography, where as websites can take a lower dpi without losing clarity.

Use Professional Design: If graphic design isn’t your strong suit, you can browse the extensive template library at Blue Bee Printing. We have a variety of templates that are customizable to fit your needs.

How to Use Custom Stickers to Record Your Baby’s Milestones

custom stickers

The days are long but the years are short. The precious time you have with your baby is brief and before you know it they are sitting on their own, standing, walking, talking, opening doors, and eating table food. Blink and they’ll be getting on a school bus. Blink again and they’ll be driving. Don’t miss out on preserving those fleeting moments so you can look back on their important firsts. Using custom stickers by Blue Bee Printing, you can record those milestones as they happen.

Stickers for the Month or Week Shirts

Baby clothing is expensive and it’s heartbreakingly short-lived. Sizes last anywhere from one to three months and even if you get the right size you will need to change for the right season. It may be tempting to order custom onesies for monthly or even weekly photoshoots, but you’ll be spending a fortune in clothing that will be worn exactly once. Using custom stickers, you can print labels for each week or month old your baby is and attach them to plain white onesies.

Holiday Shirts

You can apply the same principle to holiday shirts. Why spend the extra money on shirts that say “Baby’s First Christmas” when you can use custom personalized stickers for a fraction of the cost and include their name? You can even celebrate every holiday with a new design. “Hugs and Kisses and Valentine’s Day Wishes,” “I’m Mommy’s Good Luck Charm” for St. Patrick’s Day, Patriotic Memorial Day and Fourth of July stickers with the year. If your family has Taco Tuesday, why not celebrate baby’s first taco? You can be creative and come up with your own holidays and days that are important to you.

Stickers for Baby Books and Photo Albums

Very few parents faithfully fill out the baby books. Most have one or two entries and then life happens. You get busy and prioritize and filling out a book that may or may not ever be read is not as important as changing diapers, midnight feedings, and doctor visits. It’s time consuming to record dates and times, special messages, and find the matching photos. Save some of the time by pre-printing stickers that will go into the baby book. You can attach identifying stickers to photos of first solid food, first birthday, and first time meeting a sibling. Stickers are a great way to fill your baby book without filling up your whole day.

Stickers can help you keep track of what your photos are for. Once you’ve picked up your prints from a photo center or printed them at home, it may not make it into the album right away. Writing on the back of a photo can ruin your prints. The pen will make indentations that show through the front, and if you don’t wait until the ink is dry you can smudge it or transfer it onto another photo in the stack. You can create cute stickers for the backs of the photos that allow you to write on them first and then affix to the photo. Record the baby’s name, date, and what was going on in the photo. If you have twins or more than one child, you may be surprised at how it can be difficult to tell siblings apart in their baby photos, so always include their names!

Stickers for Calendars

Including a blank calendar in your baby book is a fun at-a-glance way to keep track of the first year. Print out blank calendar pages starting the month your baby was born. Create milestone stickers you can have at the ready for when they happen. First steps, first smile, first laugh, first word, first time watching Star Wars– be creative! Don’t just be confined to traditional milestones. Think of the things you’ll want to remember that are important to your family. First time meeting great-grandma, first skinned knee, first trip to the beach, first haircut, first pizza.

Custom stickers by Blue Bee Printing are a creative way to record your baby’s important firsts. And if this is your first time using custom stickers, we can make the process easy because being a parent is hard enough.

Custom Car Magnets Make the Perfect Fundraiser

custom magnets

Coming up with creative fundraisers can be a real challenge. Sponsored restaurant nights, bake sales, and car washes are all old standards but involve a lot of work and preparation. Merchandise like T-shirts and hoodies is a bit of a tough sell because of the high price tag. A great fundraiser that requires little setup time and is an impulse buy that you can sell over and over are custom car magnets.

Car magnets are everywhere and people are looking to get in on the trend. They can be bought in bulk and sold over time, so you can place an order for a large amount to keep your unit costs down. If your fundraiser is successful you can always order additional runs of magnets and even change the design so you’ll take advantage of repeat buyers.

There are so many organizations that can benefit from a car magnet fundraiser:


Parent-Teacher Organizations run fundraisers throughout the school year. They coordinate the book fair, holiday fair, school store, plant sale, gift wrap, candle sale, gift auctions, and many more. With so many intensive fundraisers that require hours and hours of setup and volunteer time, it is a no-brainer to add car magnets to the list. They are an easy fundraiser for a novice PTO member who’s looking to gain experience. Simply order magnets and set up a table at Back-to-School Night. Parents will gobble them up, especially families new to the school. They can say “Proud Parent of a Jefferson Elementary Student” or simply the school name with its mascot. Any remaining magnets can be stocked at the school store or be sold at other events like parent-teacher conferences.


Sports teams are always looking for easy fundraisers to help purchase new uniforms and equipment since those items are constantly in need of replacement. You can order general magnets for the organization as a whole. These won’t change from year to year so you’ll have the ability to order a large amount to have on hand at the snack stand or merchandise area. Individual teams can sell magnets to support travel fees or other supplies. You can customize them with the year and date so parents will buy them each season. They also make great congratulatory items for tournament winners to help pay for trophies and prizes.


What better way to spread the word about a charity you support than by driving it all over town? Raise awareness about autism, pediatric cancer, muscular dystrophy, and lupus for example. The magnets act as advertisements and fundraisers for the cause at the same time.

Support groups can benefit from car magnet fundraisers as well. They can simultaneously advertise their group and gain the funds they need to support their members. Increasing a group’s visibility can help with membership recruitment. It’s a win-win.


Local families in need of financial assistance often resort to for their fundraising needs. It’s an amazing thing when a community rallies to support one of their own. Families crippled with medical bills, loss of home, or other tragedies need support. Fundraising for these families with car magnets can connect people to their cause.

The beauty of custom car magnets as a fundraiser is that it is so simple. All you have to do is upload your logo or design, select the style of magnet you want, and we’ll do the rest. Blue Bee Printing’s magnets are made to be durable with bright fade-resistant colors. They’ll stand up to wind and water for years. You don’t have to worry about losing them because their strong magnets won’t fall off cars.  Visibility, accessibility, and profitability: it’s the perfect combination for any fundraiser.

Be Memorable with Save-the-Date Magnets from Blue Bee

save the date magnets

Planning a wedding can simultaneously be the most fun and most stressful time in a young couple’s lives. You can get lost in the dos and don’ts of the process and understanding the etiquette can be confusing. Make your wedding date memorable with save-the-date magnets from Blue Bee Printing.

What is a save-the-date?

Traditionally a save-the-date is a precursor to the formal invitation. It is a way to let guests know of the event well in advance so they can clear their schedules and not plan any trips at the same time. If you are planning a destination wedding, you will definitely want to give your guests notice beforehand so they can clear several days and book travel arrangements. Typically you will want to send a save-the-date six to eight months before the wedding, or earlier for a destination wedding.

Do you really have to send one?

If you have a short engagement, then you may not need to send a save-the-date and will go straight to the formal invitation. Wedding invitations should be sent six to eight weeks before the event, so if your engagement is only a few months, skip to the formal invite.

Can you send an electronic notice?

While it is more common now to send evites for events like birthday parties and anniversaries, it is still best to send a physical save-the-date for a wedding. You may have relatives who want to keep it as a memento. With email you’ll never know if the recipient actually received the message, if it went to their spam folder, or if they changed their email address.

By sending a physical item you get the added benefit of ironing out your invitation address list beforehand. Invitation stationery and postage is often more expensive than save-the-dates and you’ll find out who of your friends and relatives have moved and forgotten to send you their new address.

Should you announce on social media instead?

Announcing your wedding date on social media may seem like a good idea at first, but when you think it through the problems start to emerge. You probably have a lot more friends and followers than you’ll have guests at your wedding. Some people may be expecting an invitation that you are not planning to invite simply because they saw your cute announcement post.

On the flip side, some people that you want to see your post may miss it altogether and unless you tag all the guests individually, you’ll definitely miss some people, especially older family members who might not be on your chosen platform. Announcing it on social media also opens you up to solicitation from people looking to cash in on your wedding. You’ll find out everyone you know who works as a photographer, DJ, florist, baker, caterer, wedding planner, and videographer. So unless you want to open your wedding up to the public, keep the save-the-dates off of social media.

What information should you include?

The rules for save-the-dates are relatively loose. You’re safe with keeping details to a minimum. The couple’s names, wedding date, and location are the essentials. You can include your wedding website for additional information and if you do, please make sure that it is live before you send it out. Do NOT include your wedding registry on the save-the-date, but you can include a link to it on your wedding website.

Why should you use a magnet instead of a card?

Save-the-date magnets are very popular so you’ll be on trend if you send them out instead of a postcard. They’re durable, and most people will stick it right on their refrigerator if they are planning to attend the wedding. People are more likely to keep magnets over cards and some will keep them hung up long after the wedding has passed. Cards can get lost easily and unless people write down your date, they may forget it. A magnet is a visible reminder.

What style should you use?

Be yourselves! A save-the-date is a great place to express your personality and set the tone for the wedding you want to have. You can include a photo of the two of you, or a design that will go with your wedding theme. Since invitations are mostly text, you can get more graphically creative with a save-the-date.

Sounds great! What are my options?

Magnets can be ordered as rectangles, squares, circles or ovals. They come with a standard gloss coating, or you can upgrade to UV gloss or matte laminate. Simply upload your file, choose your options, and we’ll do the rest! With these save-the-dates, your wedding date will be truly magnetic.

Personalize Your Ride with Custom Vinyl Decals

Dear Suburban mom with 2.5 kids: You traded in your sleek sport coupe for a mom-mobile. A little piece of your early-twenties may have cringed, but you did it and now you’re the coolest soccer mom that ever was. You can fit your kids, your dog, a cooler, a diaper bag, stroller, folding chairs, gear, and team snacks all in your new minivan. You feel like a goddess riding around high above the traffic where you can see everything.

Emerging from the grocery store armed with your reusable tote bags ready to unload – you realize you’re beeping your keys at the wrong car. You look around, taking in the sea of identical gray minivans. Suddenly that cool mom feeling starts to fade and you feel a little deflated about your new wheels. You start to feel like the individual in you is crumpling under all this conformity. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can love your sleek minivan again if you just give it a little bit of personality. It’s easy to do with custom vinyl decals. You are only limited by your creativity.

Show Your Family Pride

Some of the more ubiquitous decals on vehicles you’ll see are family-oriented. A stick figure family is a common sight on the rear window. Take it one step further – make your stick figure family characters from your favorite movie or show. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, have a mama Daenerys, papa Khal Drogo, and three baby dragons. A Star Wars fan can have a mama Padme, papa Darth Vader and little Luke and Leia. Get creative with your characters and have them doing things you do together as a family like camping, skiing, or playing sports.

You can also use decals to brag about your amazing family. “Proud _____ Parent,” fill in the blank. Military roles are obvious bragging rights, too. Activities your children are involved in also can be filled in here: sports, dance, drama, band, art, you name it. Of course you can also proudly show off your honor student, dean’s list recipient, PhD candidate, NHS member, and any additional academic achievement your child has made.

Announce your family milestones. Do the modern alternative to tin cans and get a “Just Married” vinyl sticker for your rear windshield. Have a “Baby on Board” decal instead of a sign. Or honor a lost friend or relative with a memorial decal.

Get Decorative

Who says a minivan can’t have flames on the side doors? Think of your car as a blank canvas where you can express your personality. Consider giving your car a feminine touch with vinyl flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies. And you can have a leaping unicorn or a swimming mermaid on your hood. You can have all of your favorite things to decorate your car. Alternatively, if you’re a proud papa driving the ‘van around town, don’t be afraid to let your masculine side show with some shark fins, barbed wire, or racing stripes on the sides.

Advertise Your Business

You probably underestimate how much visual coverage your car gets just driving around; how many hundreds of people see your vehicle every single day. You can hand out stacks of business cards over a few months or you can get your business name out there just by running your normal errands. Remember that someone driving may only have a few seconds to see your information, so don’t make it too wordy. Even your business logo along with a web address can be enough. You can include a phone number and hope that the person driving next to you has a passenger who can snap a photo of your decal. Otherwise, you can expect to gain some potential customers from parking lot foot traffic.

Custom vinyl decals are easy to apply, durable, and versatile. They can adhere easily to glass or metal, and remove without damage when you decide to change your style. Blue Bee Printing will guide you through the design process and make your car a custom ride.

Shape Up Your Image with Custom Die Cuts

custom die cuts

In the world of marketing, you have to reach out and grab your customer’s attention with both hands because there are so many other factors fighting for it. Your customer has only a few seconds to acknowledge you and your company. Sometimes the slightest difference can create perceived value. Blue Bee Printing has an innovative solution to capture your customers’ fleeting attention: custom die cuts. Die cut printed materials can help your business take shape.  

About our Die Cut Stickers:

Square, rectangular, and circular stickers are everywhere.  A sticker with a custom die cut shape will make it stand out in the pack. The type of cut you choose depends on your type of business. You can cut the sticker in the shape of your logo. You could cut in the shape of the first letter of your name or your business name. Think about creating a sticker shape with special effects around the edges. Simply upload your file and let us take care of the rest.

About our Die Cut Magnets:

Die cut magnets are a new trend and one that we at Blue Bee are definitely excited about. Businesses use them to get their customers to stick their information on their refrigerator — making their information front and center for all visitors to their home. Doctors’ offices create a list of important numbers with their number and Poison Control pre-printed as a marketing tool that is also helpful to their patients. Consider printing your business card information on a magnet so that your customers will always have your contact info at hand instead of shoved into a pile with the rest of their paper card collection.

Car magnets are incredibly popular since they don’t do any damage to the car’s paint and are easily removable. You can use die cuts to make your business stand out, make your logo clearer and easier to see, and make your text easier to read without a lot of empty white space.

About our Custom Printed Decals:

Vinyl decals are a multipurpose item. Then can be applied to any smooth surface including windows and mirrors. Decals can be used on office doors to designate the name and position of the employee. This gives your offices a professional look.

They can even be used on entrance doors to print your business name in case passersby miss your sign, or print important information like store hours. You can print changeable information to be applied to windows, like limited time sale offers, or holiday specials. Their removability means you can change them on an as-needed basis.

Decals can also be used to brand your equipment with your logo. Put them on company laptops and iPads. Apply them to work phone cases or pop sockets. If your business uses production equipment, you can add die cut decals to any flat area. This will give your production area a professional, branded feel.

There are so many ways you can use custom die cut printing to enhance your business image. Blue Bee Printing’s user-friendly site will guide you through the process. Simply select your product, choose your finish, upload your file, and let us take care of the rest. Optionally, you can choose from any of our pre-made templates to make your design process easy and painless. With no minimum quantity we can print single units for one-off needs, or large sets for customer giveaways. With Blue Bee custom die cuts, you can shape your business success.

Bumper Stickers- They’re Not Just for Cars Anymore!

bumper stickers

Typically, if you see a sticker in the shape of a long, horizontal rectangle, you know what it’s called and what it’s for. But not all long rectangular stickers have to end up on your car’s bumper. People are exploring new opportunities for these traditional unitaskers. Bumper stickers are popping up everywhere and in surprising new ways.

Car bumper stickers have a variety of purposes. They can be funny phrases, decoration, declaring allegiance to a certain band, expressing political affiliation, or advocating for a social cause. “If you can read this you’re driving too closely” can commonly be found on the rear of an automobile. Now this product is showing versatility that can be used in advertising, the workplace, schools, and more.

Creativity in Marketing:

Rectangular stickers have endless uses in marketing your business. You can leave some on the counter for your customers to take. Create a dedicated hashtag and social media contest. Have your customers place your stickers somewhere, upload a photo with the hashtag, and draw a prize from all of the entries. Your business and logo will gain exposure, and you will create excitement among your customers.

Custom square stickers are perfect for packaging when you are just starting out. You might not be able to afford custom bags with your logo and brand information. A sticker on a bag is a great way to get started. You can use them on boxes for your product, containers of food if you’re in the food service, or even in your mailing packaging.

Bumper stickers are weather-proof so you can leave them outside. That means you can use them in locations where other stickers or advertising might not hold up. You can stick them on windows, walls, and posters and they won’t be damaged by the elements.

How Teachers Can Make Their Lessons Stick:

The classroom is a great place to use bumper stickers. Younger students need reference points for their letters and numbers. Teachers often order cards and signs that can be applied to students’ desks, then laminate them and tape them to the desktop. Bumper stickers are a durable, water resistant alternative that can save teachers and school districts money and be customized for their grade level.

Additionally, bumper stickers can be used all over the classroom for labeling shelves and materials so students can learn organizational skills. They can be used for cubbies and closet hooks. They can help keep the art supply closet neat and orderly.

In the lunchroom or cafeteria, bumper stickers are great for identifying which tables belong to each class, and to designate allergy-free areas. Since they are durable, they will last all year.

Coaches can use bumper stickers to label equipment. This is a great solution for games where schools are traveling to other locations and can easily get their supplies mixed up. The stickers are resistant to water, so they will still remain after a game in the rain.

Work Your Stickers in the Workplace:

Taped up notices with office policies can be an eyesore. Use custom bumper stickers instead and you won’t have any more papers flapping everywhere. Alert your staff that cell phones are prohibited in the work environment. Remind the lunch crowd that food in the microwave must have a cover. Any policies or notices can be posted with a sticker for a more durable solution.

Stickers can be used to label offices or desks. They can be affixed to computers with network log-in information. You can create an important phone numbers list with technical support, ordering, managers, shipping, etc.

There are so many uses for custom bumper stickers. They can be found where you’ll least expect it. Now that you’re looking for them, you’ll start to see them everywhere. A sticker with the words “Eating Animals” on a STOP sign. A band name on a bus stop wall. A sticker discreetly placed in your shopping bag. A restaurant counter with a stack of stickers next to a display of business cards. Bumper stickers are jumping off bumpers and into the marketing mainstream.