Easy Guide for Buying Stickers Online with Blue Bee

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If you’ve researched buying stickers online, you’ve probably seen several platforms for uploading your design; each vendor has their own process for taking clients from the initial image to the final product.

We want you your experience with Blue Bee Printing to be fun, simple, and as quick as possible. That’s why we’ve created this Easy Guide for Buying Stickers with Blue Bee. This quick start guide will explain the 8 steps that will get you from picture to sticker.

If you should run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888-777-8676 or type your question into the chat window on our website.

  • Choose Your Style

We can create custom die-cut stickers, bumper stickers, round stickers, oval stickers, rounded corner stickers, square stickers, rectangle stickers, sticker sheets, bumper stickers, circle roll labels, and decal transfer stickers. Click on one of the options on the left when you’re ready to start creating your stickers.

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Note for Die Cut Sticker Designs:
Please leave ⅛” of empty space all the way around your image. This space, called “bleed room,” allows us to keep your design perfectly centered inside your stickers. If this margin isn’t quite right, we can show you when we send you your proofs. However, if you can get this locked down ahead of time, it will streamline the process.

  • Choose a Size

We have a number of pre-set sizes for you to choose from, or we can create your stickers to your exact specifications. Just choose “custom size” from the sizing drop down menu and give us the dimensions.

  • Choose Your Quantity

    multiple numbers

    Custom stickers will always be more affordable in greater quantities, so we’d like to make you a big box of stickers. We realize that not everyone loves stickers quite as much as we do, though, so we can create as many or as few stickers as you need.

  • Choose Your Materials

All of our stickers, with the exception of our circle roll labels and our decal transfer stickers, can be created on any of nine paper options backed with various adhesives.

  • Choose Your Finish

We offer the following three finishes:

1.  Plain gloss coating

2. UV-resistant gloss coating

3. UV-resistant matte coating

If your sticker will be exposed to light, either directly or through a window, we recommend UV-resistant coating.

  • Choose Your Proof Delivery Options

We can send your proofs to you electronically or mail them to you. We can also create your stickers without showing you proofs beforehand if you are running short on time, but we strongly recommend waiting until you see the proofs before you proceed with your order.

We always do our best to create your stickers to your exact specifications with your happiness as our primary goal. Your approving each step of the process gives you the power to design the perfect sticker for your business, project, or character.

Buying Stickers Online

  • Choose Your Timeline

Once we have your final approval on the proofs of your sticker design, we can create your stickers in 2 – 5 days. We also offer a RUSH option on your most urgent projects; you’ll see this option under SHIPPING.

With Blue Bee Printing’s exciting sticker design options, you can create virtually any design that you can imagine. We want to help you bring your ideas to life.

Create Unique Valentine Day Stickers

valentines day sticker sheets

Have you been thinking of making this Valentine’s Day extra special? Customized stickers are a fantastic way to make any holiday or event more unique. You might be surprised to see the variety of sticker designs, themes, and personalization opportunities that are available. Valentine Day stickers that are professionally printed will add a pop of color to any invitation, card, decoration, advertisement, etc. Not only will your products be personalized, but they will catch the eye of the beholder.

Valentine’s Day cards are a cheerful way to spread some love on Cupid’s favorite holiday. ♥♥♥

Whether it’s a card sent in the mail or personally handed to a loved one, add a splash of sassiness and spice to your note. Your sticker can have a special image, a picture of you and your loved one together, a quote, or a warm message of friendship. You can use the same design for all of your cards, or you can personalize each one. If you have an image that you especially love, you can create a digital version of the picture that could be included with an e-card, or a post on social media.

Chances are, your kids hand out little Valentine’s Day cards to their friends and classmates at school. Don’t be afraid to get them involved with spreading the love. Have them place a custom sticker on the small cards or simply get small pieces of paper and attach the stickers to the pieces of paper. If your sticker was a unique image, stick it to the piece of paper, and have your kids write personalized messages underneath them. This will be even more personalized than a store-bought card!

two hearts on a bike

If you’re thinking of handing out a small gift to a few close friends this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry about spending loads of money. Instead, focus your attention on the presentation of the gift. An inexpensive present that has a shiny, creative sticker on the wrapping paper can bring a smile to the face of your friend. A gift that’s in a mason jar, such as jam or jelly, or bath salts, can be spruced up with a custom label as well. Not only will a sticker add a rainbow of color, but your personal touch will mean the most.

Maybe you’re thinking of having a Valentine’s Day party or special event. What better way to brighten up any event than with personalized invites?

You can also use your unique stickers to decorate for the event – or consider placing them on goody bags that are handed out to guests. Having a special Valentine’s Day sale? Create stickers that announce a custom percentage off for each attendee. If you’re looking for more of a romantic ambiance, create the stickers with a flirty message and lay them out with rose petals.

valentines day sale

There are numerous uses for personalized stickers on Valentine’s Day. Surprise the special person in your life or show some love to your friends and family members by decorating your cards and gifts with stickers designed by you. Your designs and messages are limited only by your imagination, so don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity!