Custom Photo Stickers Make a Great Holiday Gift

custom photo stickers

Stop the endless cycle of thoughtless, impersonal gifts! No one needs another candle, body lotion, or scarf/mitten/hat set that will end up in the donation pile. Instead opt for a gift that is truly memorable and personalized. Custom photo stickers make a unique and treasured holiday gift for anyone on your list.

You will never run out of options with custom stickers; if you can dream it, we can print it. Our user-friendly site walks you through each step of the process. Choose your sticker shape, select from our various paper stocks, and choose a coating. Then upload your photo, design, or artwork. It couldn’t be easier to make a perfect gift and the possibilities are endless!

For Kids:

  • Anyone with children will tell you that sharing is rough. Warring over toys sparks countless arguments and meltdowns. Give the gift of tranquility with personalized “This Belongs To” stickers with a child’s photo.
  • Gift a child who loves to read with a new book to add to their library and their very own “From the Library of” custom photo stickers as book plates.
  • Create custom labels for items that are sent in to school or daycare.
  • Personalize month-by-month stickers for baby’s first year photos.
  • Customize a new cozy coupe with a cool license plate sticker with the child’s initials.

For the Holidays:

  • Enhance your holiday cards with a custom envelope seal sticker and photo address labels using outtakes from your holiday photo shoot.
  • Instead of “To/From” gift tags, make your very own photo gift tags with your picture.
  • If you are headed to a cookie exchange, create a label with your special recipe and a photo of the finished product.
  • For the family who loves the Elf on the Shelf, commemorate his visits with “The Elf Was Here X” markers.

For the Perfect Gift:

  • Buy the travel enthusiast a large wall map paired with a set of “I was here” stickers so they can always be reminded of their journeys.
  • If you’ve had your eye on a new small kitchen appliance for mom like a slow cooker or an Instant Pot, customize it with a vinyl decal transfer sticker that says “World’s Best Cook.”
  • It seems everyone is jumping on the stainless steel flask bandwagon for their eco-friendly hydration needs. Choose a beautiful yet durable bottle with a custom photo sticker of your gift recipient that says “Drink more water.”
  • A new tablet, laptop, or e-reader is a wonderful gift, so really make it shine with a cool vinyl transfer sticker for the back.
  • For the person who has everything, a gift card may be the only choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s a thoughtless one. Personalize it with a photo of you together, or with a funny message about a time you shared so they will actually think of you when they use it.
  • Wine is a great gift, so customize the label with a personal message and photo.

No matter what gift you have in mind, almost anything can be made special and memorable with custom photo stickers. A little personalization goes a long way.

Print a Personalized Calendar Magnet for your Business

personalized calendar magnet

In this day and age, it seems ineluctable that you will be plagued with a hectic schedule, making you all the more ready to pull out your hair. Unfortunately, there’s not a remedy to every malady. It’s easy to think about putting on the brakes and coasting along, but putting that into action is a different story. Even if you are a busy bee, having some sort of calendar to keep your life straight is a helpful place to start. As a knowledgeable professional in the business world, you know that a calendar that stays in the same place (and doesn’t get lost) is not only beneficial in managing schedules, but also an excellent advertising method. What better way to advertise and manage your schedule than with a personalized calendar magnet that you can stick on your refrigerator or filing cabinet?

If you’re searching for a form of advertising besides the mundane, easily-lost business card, you’ve found a flawless replacement. Though business cards can provide all of the essential information in a palm-sized space, once it leaves your possession and lands in the digits of a potential customer, it’s most likely going to get lost or tossed in a pile on a desk. Not the commanding effect you were hoping to have, right? Here’s the answer: a calendar magnet that acts in the same way as a business card, but doesn’t get lost or tossed.

Just like a business card, a calendar magnet will have your business name and information, as well as your well-known logo. Here’s where branding is not only influential, but vital. Creating and establishing a logo, business name, and ultimately, a reputation, is critical in developing your brand. The average person has the option to pay attention to or ignore the advertising that comes their way. Having a positive brand elicits a positive response: recommendations to others, choosing your company over another, etc. With a calendar magnet that is omnipresent, as opposed to the disappearing business card, you’ll be on your way to a distinguishable business.

No matter your purpose for advertising, whether it’s to provide services, encourage individuals to buy materials or products, or visit a destination, a calendar magnet is the path to take. With our variety of designs and colors, we have the tools to assist in creating your most up-to-date addition to your brand. Each time a refrigerator door is opened or a quick glance is made toward your eye-catching magnet, your business is noticed. Increasing the number of times a person comes into contact with your logo or brand will only benefit you.

If you already have an established logo and business name, all you have to do is create your magnet. If you’re just starting out, work with someone who can help you design an effective and unique logo. Once you’ve settled on a final design, we are more than ready to work with you! Simply visit our website to design the looks of your magnet. You can choose the size, coating, proofing, and delivery options. After you’ve completed all of the steps, we get to work on producing a high-quality magnet designed specially by you.

As always, we strive to create products of the best quality that will ignite in our customers a passion and confidence for networking and advertising. This kind of design facilitates easier connections with current and potential customers as well as other business professionals. Presenting yourself and what you stand for becomes much less nerve-wracking when you’re sharing a product that prompts a sense of pride. Don’t hesitate to visit our website and get working on your next creation!