Printable Square Stickers are Perfect for Instagram Memories

printable square stickers

Are you the star of your own Instagram universe? Why relegate your wonderful, photogenic self to the virtual ether? Rescue your proud pix from your smartphone and set them free in a permanent medium. Photo stickers are here to save them from oblivion! With Blue Bee, printable square stickers are the perfect way to save your Instagram memories forever.

Blue Bee Printing offers square photo stickers in a variety of finishes to really showcase your Instagram pics. Matte or glossy, UV coated, paper, vinyl, or window stickers, the options abound for whatever you have in mind, and the square shape is perfect for your Instagram shots. It’s easy to upload the photos to Blue Bee’s user-friendly site, and they’ll walk you through your choices step-by-step. No matter who is on your list, photo stickers are a fantastic and personal gift.

The possibilities with photo stickers are endless. Try experimenting with the same photo and different filters. One of the best features of Instagram is the ability to play with photo effects. You can turn an ordinary photo into something truly “gram” worthy.

printable square stickers

Stickers are also a great present for kids. They may have seen stickers with super heroes and cartoon characters, but they will flip over stickers of themselves and their friends and family! It’s an especially great gift for kids who are too young to have access to Instagram. We may have seen the photo pop up on our feed, but young children pose for a photo and often never see it. Having their photo on a sticker is a great way for them to feel like a star!

Grandparents also love printed photos, even though more and more grandparents are tech savvy these days. If grandma or grandpa love to “like” and comment on your feed and share with their friends, then they will love a printed photo they can stick anywhere. If they’re not so tech savvy, give them the gift of photos they’ve been missing and can proudly display.

Sometimes, finding the perfect gift for some of our friends and loved ones can turn out to be a challenging task. The convergence of easy online shopping and millennial minimalism means that people have what they want and they don’t want anything more. If you’re trying to come up with a gift for the person who’s impossible to buy for, photos are the perfect meaningful gift that won’t end up returned or re-gifted.

beach photo collage

Here are some creative ways to use Instagram photos as stickers that your friends and family will love:

  • Create cool collages of a group of friends. Pick up a frame to showcase your design talent.
  • Turn 4 photos into a photo-booth strip with an old fashioned feel by using sepia filters.
  • Apply stickers to a phone, wallet, laptop, or iPad.
  • Use them on mirrors, windows or car windshields.
  • Stick on a wall calendar as a birthday reminder.
  • Decorate your non-magnetic, stainless steel refrigerator.
  • Affix to a kid’s lunchbox, thermos, or sandwich container to make lunchtime more fun.
  • Use as wine glass markers to identify your drink at your next holiday party.

With a little imagination, Instagram memories can become a tangible gift that your family and friends will enjoy long after the holidays. Visit to get started on your printable Instagram stickers today!