How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution with Custom Stickers

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it can be hard to keep those New Year’s resolutions from fading from memory. How do you keep enthusiasm up when the days drag on and it’s so easy to slip back into your old routine? Custom stickers by Blue Bee Printing may be the answer you’re looking for to give you the edge to succeed.

To keep your resolution from adding to the overwhelming majority of failed ones, you’ll need to change your behavior. Research shows that permanent behavior modification is a process that takes at least 66 days. That means you’ll be well into March before your resolution stops being a force of will and becomes a habit. You can use custom stickers to influence yourself in these five ways.

  • Track your progress: Whether you use a wall calendar, a notebook, or a planner, have a tangible reminder of your progress. On days when you were successful, give yourself a positive sticker. Use a smiley face, a photo of a loved one, or something that makes you happy. Leave the unsuccessful days blank. When you start seeing fewer and fewer blank days you’ll know you’re on the right track.
  • Accountability: You can give all the excuses you want to, but when the results are in black and white, there’s no glossing over it. If you’re using stickers to keep track of your resolution, you’ll know why you’re successful or not.


  • Visual reminder: Having the visual aid of a calendar makes it harder to ignore or forget your goal. You can always choose not to open the app on your phone that you’re using to keep track of yourself, but it’s harder to close your eyes to a calendar on the wall or your desk.


  • Set mini-goals: Large goals and resolutions can be intimidating. Set smaller goals so you can feel accomplished. Mark your calendar with a new sticker when you achieve your mini-goal.


  • Reward: Set milestone rewards for yourself to keep motivated. But through the process, the stickers are the daily reward. There’s a reason teachers use them on tests. Stickers make you feel as if you’ve achieved something. Don’t hold out on yourself by waiting to the end for a reward. Constantly congratulate yourself for working towards your goal.


Here are some of the most common new year goals and how to stick to them using custom stickers:


Lose weight: Create photo stickers of yourself to track your progress. Start with a before photo and at each mini-goal you achieve take a new photo. You’ll stay motivated when you see how much you’ve improved.


Exercise more: Create fun stickers that show what activity you did. On running days, use a photo of Forrest Gump. On swimming days, use Michael Phelps. If weightlifting is your goal, use a photo of the body part you worked. This will help you keep track of your leg days and your arm days.


Save more money: In many cases, saving more money is a set it and forget it plan. You can decide how much money you want to save per month and have it automatically withdrawn and transferred to a savings account. However, not over-spending is where the real challenge lies. Saying no to going out to lunch and bringing a brown bag every day isn’t immediately rewarding. Use your reward stickers to highlight small victories like a no-spend day, or cancelling a paid subscription service. Set a weekly budget and sticker the weeks where you were able to stick to it.


Learn a new skill or develop a new hobby: Hobbies are difficult to track because they’re more open-ended. Ideally there’s no end goal, you just keep improving your skill. If you’re taking formal lessons for your new hobby, sticker the lesson days with one sticker and the days you practice at home with a different sticker. You’ll be able to see when your practice days are dropping off so you’ll be prepared for the lesson days.


Quit smoking: Sticker every day that you are cigarette-free and reserve milestone stickers for the first week, ten days, two weeks, three weeks, and then monthly. You can also create stickers where you can write in milestones like ‘First time going to a bar and not leaving for a cigarette,’ or ‘Refused a cigarette when offered one.’ It’s important to keep the benefits of not smoking in mind as well, so use stickers to track improvements like ‘Saved $30 this week by not smoking,’ or ‘Was able to climb three flights of stairs without coughing.’


Read more: Set a daily goal of how many minutes you want to spend reading and give yourself a sticker for each day that you meet it. Challenge yourself to finish a certain number of books for the year and sticker the days when you finished one. Write your thoughts on the book in your planner so you can always have a visual reminder of it.


If you’ve made resolutions before without success, make this the year that you change your behavior. You can stick to it with custom stickers.

Advertise Your Business Like a Pro with Oversized Postcards

oversized postcards

Whether your business is a startup or you’ve been in the field for years, advertising is essential. So much advertising is done digitally through email distribution lists, websites, social media platforms, and text alerts. Information overload has overwhelmed consumers to the point of saturation and only a select few ads have any resonance or impact. Emails and messages are easily deleted without even opening them. How do you reach consumers through all the noise of digital marketing? The answer may lie where you least expect it– direct mail marketing and oversized postcards.

Why is print media seeing a resurgence in popularity as an advertising form?

  • There’s less mail:  It may seem counter-intuitive to go with an advertising method so conventional, but it is the rapid departure from print media that has made the return to it so inviting. People are receiving fewer mail advertising pieces: unsubscribing from magazines and newspapers in favor of digital versions and opting for paperless billing. Less mail means that your piece is more likely to be viewed and not accidentally stuck in the pages of a magazine.
  • The consumer has to touch it:  Unlike an email or text message which can be discarded without opening, a postcard has to be touched. The recipient will see some part of the postcard. In many cases it will be saved for later reference.
  • It’s trustworthy:  There’s a reason print media was the chosen form of advertising for so long. It works. People have an inherent view of print advertising as more reliable than digital versions.
  • People like feeling appreciated as customers:  Your easiest way to increase business is through your current customer base. Sending them invitations to special events or sales is a great way to reward their customer loyalty.

How to start your mail campaign:

  • Choose your postcard size:  Oversized postcards will allow you to have more surface area seen by your customers and generate more of a response than standard size.
  • Use a mail house to reduce postage costs:  Since oversized postcards cost more in postage than standard ones, use a mail house to reduce your cost. They will take your mailing list and pass on to you a discount on bulk mailing.
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns:  Get the best value from your campaigns by marketing to specific people. Maintain databases of current customers, former customers, and potential customers. Design pieces specifically to market to them. Former customers respond to feelings of guilt when they hear that their patronage is missed by a business. Current customers want to be rewarded by the businesses they frequent. Potential customers can be swayed with the right incentives to buy. Design pieces to appeal to each group separately to get the most return on your investment.
  • Design is important:  If your advertising piece is going to be noticed, you want the design to be pleasing. Most people have a location in their home for mail. In a perfect scenario, the mail will be seen by others visiting the household. Let Blue Bee Printing help with our easy design platform. Concentrate on the content of your piece and ideally give it emotional resonance. That will bring optimal response from your customers.
  • Drive traffic online:  Include your web address and a QR code so you don’t have to cram your postcard with too much information. Get your customer to your website and allow them to explore.

You can take advantage of time-tested method of direct mail marketing with the quality postcards offered by Blue Bee Printing.

Print Instagram Photos on Magnets with Blue Bee Printing

print instagram photos on magnets

You’d have to have been hiding under a rock for a substantial amount of time if you haven’t at least heard of the popular app, Instagram. However, in case you’re new to Instagram, it’s a social networking service that allows its users easy and fun ways to share photos and videos with friends, family and virtually anyone (if you choose to make your account public). Instagram is a great way to display your photography skills, showcase your travels, or even just share a sweet selfie you took with friends. With quick, easy photo editing tools and dozens of different filters to add an artistic flare to your photos, “IG” is a great way to share beautiful pictures with your online followers. But what if you want to frame or display your masterpieces in real life? If your Instagram collection is too good to stay simply virtual, one option is to turn your photos into personalized magnets. Use Blue Bee Printing to print Instagram photos on magnets so you can enjoy your photos beyond the information superhighway.

In order to get started , visit Blue Bee’s website to get a feel for what type of tangible token you’d like to create using your Instagram images. If you decide that custom printed magnets is definitely for you, follow these steps to get your project rolling:

  • Select the image(s) from your Instagram feed that you’d like to turn into a magnetic memory. Save the target photo(s) from Instagram to your cell phone’s camera roll.
  • Alternatively, if you’re just starting out on Instagram, take a new photo or choose an existing picture from your camera roll on your phone. Upload it to Instagram. Make sure you check out all the offered editing features, like color-correction, brightness adjustment, and everyone’s favorite – the fun filters! Once you upload your jazzed-up picture to Instagram, the edited version will automatically save to your camera roll.
  • Once you have your photo, re-visit Blue Bee Printing’s website. Select ‘Custom Magnets’ and enter your preference of quantity, dimensions, coating, and desired print time for your magnets. If you need help at any step in the design process, our customer service team is readily accessible through our online web-chat feature, no matter what time of day or night you’ve decided to get creative.
  • After you have entered your preferences, you will be able to upload your Instagram photo to our website. Using jpg or jpeg format typically results in the best final image for printed magnets. Your file should be at least 300dpi and less than 50MB in size.
  • Blue Bee Printing will take it from there! Our team will provide you with an affordable, industry competitive price quote. We will then use your preferences and photo to create a custom magnet.

Our high quality magnets will allow you to bring your creativity and memories to life. Our magnets come in multiple shapes and sizes for you to choose from. While our standard shapes are square (which works best for IG photos), oval, round, and rectangle, our die cut magnets allow us the freedom to make stickers in virtually any shape you can imagine. Blue Bee’s standard square magnet sizes range from two square inches to four square inches, but we can print magnets to the perfect size for your needs. We offer glossy and matte lamination in UV resistant coating to protect your magnets from the sun so that they stay bright and colorful for years to come.

Photo magnets are a creative and useful way to encapsulate your memories. You can enjoy photo magnets for yourself to create a fun, eye-catching display. Alternatively, creating tangible memorabilia for others is a great way to present loved ones with a truly unique and personalized keepsake.

Blue Bee Printing is committed to creating only superior quality products for our customers. Our friendly and experienced customer service team is always available to answer your questions and help you design your custom magnets. Additionally, we create custom printed stickers, postcards, greeting cards, business cards, banner stands and more! Visit us online today to get started creating your authentic memory keepsake by creating one (or several) of our uniquely personalized products.