Shape Up Your Image with Custom Die Cuts

custom die cuts

In the world of marketing, you have to reach out and grab your customer’s attention with both hands because there are so many other factors fighting for it. Your customer has only a few seconds to acknowledge you and your company. Sometimes the slightest difference can create perceived value. Blue Bee Printing has an innovative solution to capture your customers’ fleeting attention: custom die cuts. Die cut printed materials can help your business take shape.  

About our Die Cut Stickers:

Square, rectangular, and circular stickers are everywhere.  A sticker with a custom die cut shape will make it stand out in the pack. The type of cut you choose depends on your type of business. You can cut the sticker in the shape of your logo. You could cut in the shape of the first letter of your name or your business name. Think about creating a sticker shape with special effects around the edges. Simply upload your file and let us take care of the rest.

About our Die Cut Magnets:

Die cut magnets are a new trend and one that we at Blue Bee are definitely excited about. Businesses use them to get their customers to stick their information on their refrigerator — making their information front and center for all visitors to their home. Doctors’ offices create a list of important numbers with their number and Poison Control pre-printed as a marketing tool that is also helpful to their patients. Consider printing your business card information on a magnet so that your customers will always have your contact info at hand instead of shoved into a pile with the rest of their paper card collection.

Car magnets are incredibly popular since they don’t do any damage to the car’s paint and are easily removable. You can use die cuts to make your business stand out, make your logo clearer and easier to see, and make your text easier to read without a lot of empty white space.

About our Custom Printed Decals:

Vinyl decals are a multipurpose item. Then can be applied to any smooth surface including windows and mirrors. Decals can be used on office doors to designate the name and position of the employee. This gives your offices a professional look.

They can even be used on entrance doors to print your business name in case passersby miss your sign, or print important information like store hours. You can print changeable information to be applied to windows, like limited time sale offers, or holiday specials. Their removability means you can change them on an as-needed basis.

Decals can also be used to brand your equipment with your logo. Put them on company laptops and iPads. Apply them to work phone cases or pop sockets. If your business uses production equipment, you can add die cut decals to any flat area. This will give your production area a professional, branded feel.

There are so many ways you can use custom die cut printing to enhance your business image. Blue Bee Printing’s user-friendly site will guide you through the process. Simply select your product, choose your finish, upload your file, and let us take care of the rest. Optionally, you can choose from any of our pre-made templates to make your design process easy and painless. With no minimum quantity we can print single units for one-off needs, or large sets for customer giveaways. With Blue Bee custom die cuts, you can shape your business success.

Bumper Stickers- They’re Not Just for Cars Anymore!

bumper stickers

Typically, if you see a sticker in the shape of a long, horizontal rectangle, you know what it’s called and what it’s for. But not all long rectangular stickers have to end up on your car’s bumper. People are exploring new opportunities for these traditional unitaskers. Bumper stickers are popping up everywhere and in surprising new ways.

Car bumper stickers have a variety of purposes. They can be funny phrases, decoration, declaring allegiance to a certain band, expressing political affiliation, or advocating for a social cause. “If you can read this you’re driving too closely” can commonly be found on the rear of an automobile. Now this product is showing versatility that can be used in advertising, the workplace, schools, and more.

Creativity in Marketing:

Rectangular stickers have endless uses in marketing your business. You can leave some on the counter for your customers to take. Create a dedicated hashtag and social media contest. Have your customers place your stickers somewhere, upload a photo with the hashtag, and draw a prize from all of the entries. Your business and logo will gain exposure, and you will create excitement among your customers.

Custom square stickers are perfect for packaging when you are just starting out. You might not be able to afford custom bags with your logo and brand information. A sticker on a bag is a great way to get started. You can use them on boxes for your product, containers of food if you’re in the food service, or even in your mailing packaging.

Bumper stickers are weather-proof so you can leave them outside. That means you can use them in locations where other stickers or advertising might not hold up. You can stick them on windows, walls, and posters and they won’t be damaged by the elements.

How Teachers Can Make Their Lessons Stick:

The classroom is a great place to use bumper stickers. Younger students need reference points for their letters and numbers. Teachers often order cards and signs that can be applied to students’ desks, then laminate them and tape them to the desktop. Bumper stickers are a durable, water resistant alternative that can save teachers and school districts money and be customized for their grade level.

Additionally, bumper stickers can be used all over the classroom for labeling shelves and materials so students can learn organizational skills. They can be used for cubbies and closet hooks. They can help keep the art supply closet neat and orderly.

In the lunchroom or cafeteria, bumper stickers are great for identifying which tables belong to each class, and to designate allergy-free areas. Since they are durable, they will last all year.

Coaches can use bumper stickers to label equipment. This is a great solution for games where schools are traveling to other locations and can easily get their supplies mixed up. The stickers are resistant to water, so they will still remain after a game in the rain.

Work Your Stickers in the Workplace:

Taped up notices with office policies can be an eyesore. Use custom bumper stickers instead and you won’t have any more papers flapping everywhere. Alert your staff that cell phones are prohibited in the work environment. Remind the lunch crowd that food in the microwave must have a cover. Any policies or notices can be posted with a sticker for a more durable solution.

Stickers can be used to label offices or desks. They can be affixed to computers with network log-in information. You can create an important phone numbers list with technical support, ordering, managers, shipping, etc.

There are so many uses for custom bumper stickers. They can be found where you’ll least expect it. Now that you’re looking for them, you’ll start to see them everywhere. A sticker with the words “Eating Animals” on a STOP sign. A band name on a bus stop wall. A sticker discreetly placed in your shopping bag. A restaurant counter with a stack of stickers next to a display of business cards. Bumper stickers are jumping off bumpers and into the marketing mainstream.

Print Easter Stickers Online: Holiday Stickers with a Personal Touch

Happy Easter, make Easter stickers

Easter is just around the corner and if you’re running low on ideas for your baskets, look no further than Blue Bee Printing. Holiday stickers are a great way to put personal touches on your family traditions.

Personalized Easter basket: Surprise your kids with a sticker for their basket with their name on it and the year. Add a special delivery sticker from the Easter bunny with postage, ground delivery.

Easter Basket treats: If you’re hesitant to fill your baskets with just candy, try some of these original ideas.

An Easter-themed book with a custom bookplate label that says “Happy Easter—From the library of _____________”

Attach green tissue paper to the top of an orange bubble wand and affix a label that says “Have a 24-Carrot Easter!”

Make homemade slime and put a label on the jar that says “Bunny Sneezes”

Buy square wooden blocks or cut them yourself. Make an Easter sticker large enough to cover them all and cut it for a DIY puzzle. Turn the blocks over and cut a new sticker set so you have 6 different puzzles altogether.

Egg Hunts: Create custom stickers for boring dollar store plastic eggs. Change up your backyard hunt by making each egg have a clue to the next egg printed on the sticker. Or if you’re part of an organization, school, church, or business that offers public egg hunts, customize the eggs with your business or event logo on each egg.

Egg Dyeing: Create custom stickers to stick on your dyed Easter eggs. Give your eggs emoji faces, or turn them into unicorns. Let your imagination run wild!

Crafts: Print yellow stickers with little chick eyes and beaks and adhere them to juice boxes.

Be the hero of your child’s class with custom Easter treats:

               Powdered donut holes or marshmallows with a “bunny tails” label

               Mashmallow peeps with a “for my favorite peeps” sticker

               Cadbury or Reese’s eggs with a “You’re egg-straordinary!” label

Easter cards: Wish your family and friends a Happy Easter with beautiful holiday cards. You can customize plain note cards with Easter stickers, and make bunny print envelope seals.

Bunny Poop: Fill a Ziploc bag with jelly beans and add a cute “bunny poop” label. Use the poem:

I got you something special,

And here’s the inside scoop.

It’s very rare and magical,

A bag of bunny poop!

Gift tags: Make custom gift labels that say “Some bunny loves you.”

Easter dinner: Make place cards for your dinner guests for a fanciful touch. If you’re serving dinner buffet style make labels for each dish.

Easter flowers: You’ve bought beautiful Easter flowers for your table, don’t ignore the vase! Decorate it with vintage Easter artwork that Beatrix Potter would be proud of.

Easter outfits: After you’ve changed out of your photo-ready Easter church clothes, get the whole family together for an Easter photo in matching t-shirts. Save by buying plain solid-colored shirts and print stickers for customized holiday wear.

Get creative with your holiday with affordable, easy Easter stickers. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, Blue Bee has the custom printing to suit every need.