Personalize Your Ride with Custom Vinyl Decals

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Dear Suburban mom with 2.5 kids: You traded in your sleek sport coupe for a mom-mobile. A little piece of your early-twenties may have cringed, but you did it and now you’re the coolest soccer mom that ever was. You can fit your kids, your dog, a cooler, a diaper bag, stroller, folding chairs, gear, and team snacks all in your new minivan. You feel like a goddess riding around high above the traffic where you can see everything.

Emerging from the grocery store armed with your reusable tote bags ready to unload – you realize you’re beeping your keys at the wrong car. You look around, taking in the sea of identical gray minivans. Suddenly that cool mom feeling starts to fade and you feel a little deflated about your new wheels. You start to feel like the individual in you is crumpling under all this conformity. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can love your sleek minivan again if you just give it a little bit of personality. It’s easy to do with custom vinyl decals. You are only limited by your creativity.

Show Your Family Pride

Some of the more ubiquitous decals on vehicles you’ll see are family-oriented. A stick figure family is a common sight on the rear window. Take it one step further – make your stick figure family characters from your favorite movie or show. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, have a mama Daenerys, papa Khal Drogo, and three baby dragons. A Star Wars fan can have a mama Padme, papa Darth Vader and little Luke and Leia. Get creative with your characters and have them doing things you do together as a family like camping, skiing, or playing sports.

You can also use decals to brag about your amazing family. “Proud _____ Parent,” fill in the blank. Military roles are obvious bragging rights, too. Activities your children are involved in also can be filled in here: sports, dance, drama, band, art, you name it. Of course you can also proudly show off your honor student, dean’s list recipient, PhD candidate, NHS member, and any additional academic achievement your child has made.

Announce your family milestones. Do the modern alternative to tin cans and get a “Just Married” vinyl sticker for your rear windshield. Have a “Baby on Board” decal instead of a sign. Or honor a lost friend or relative with a memorial decal.

Get Decorative

Who says a minivan can’t have flames on the side doors? Think of your car as a blank canvas where you can express your personality. Consider giving your car a feminine touch with vinyl flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies. And you can have a leaping unicorn or a swimming mermaid on your hood. You can have all of your favorite things to decorate your car. Alternatively, if you’re a proud papa driving the ‘van around town, don’t be afraid to let your masculine side show with some shark fins, barbed wire, or racing stripes on the sides.

Advertise Your Business

You probably underestimate how much visual coverage your car gets just driving around; how many hundreds of people see your vehicle every single day. You can hand out stacks of business cards over a few months or you can get your business name out there just by running your normal errands. Remember that someone driving may only have a few seconds to see your information, so don’t make it too wordy. Even your business logo along with a web address can be enough. You can include a phone number and hope that the person driving next to you has a passenger who can snap a photo of your decal. Otherwise, you can expect to gain some potential customers from parking lot foot traffic.

Custom vinyl decals are easy to apply, durable, and versatile. They can adhere easily to glass or metal, and remove without damage when you decide to change your style. Blue Bee Printing will guide you through the design process and make your car a custom ride.