How to Use Custom Stickers to Record Your Baby’s Milestones

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The days are long but the years are short. The precious time you have with your baby is brief and before you know it they are sitting on their own, standing, walking, talking, opening doors, and eating table food. Blink and they’ll be getting on a school bus. Blink again and they’ll be driving. Don’t miss out on preserving those fleeting moments so you can look back on their important firsts. Using custom stickers by Blue Bee Printing, you can record those milestones as they happen.

Stickers for the Month or Week Shirts

Baby clothing is expensive and it’s heartbreakingly short-lived. Sizes last anywhere from one to three months and even if you get the right size you will need to change for the right season. It may be tempting to order custom onesies for monthly or even weekly photoshoots, but you’ll be spending a fortune in clothing that will be worn exactly once. Using custom stickers, you can print labels for each week or month old your baby is and attach them to plain white onesies.

Holiday Shirts

You can apply the same principle to holiday shirts. Why spend the extra money on shirts that say “Baby’s First Christmas” when you can use custom personalized stickers for a fraction of the cost and include their name? You can even celebrate every holiday with a new design. “Hugs and Kisses and Valentine’s Day Wishes,” “I’m Mommy’s Good Luck Charm” for St. Patrick’s Day, Patriotic Memorial Day and Fourth of July stickers with the year. If your family has Taco Tuesday, why not celebrate baby’s first taco? You can be creative and come up with your own holidays and days that are important to you.

Stickers for Baby Books and Photo Albums

Very few parents faithfully fill out the baby books. Most have one or two entries and then life happens. You get busy and prioritize and filling out a book that may or may not ever be read is not as important as changing diapers, midnight feedings, and doctor visits. It’s time consuming to record dates and times, special messages, and find the matching photos. Save some of the time by pre-printing stickers that will go into the baby book. You can attach identifying stickers to photos of first solid food, first birthday, and first time meeting a sibling. Stickers are a great way to fill your baby book without filling up your whole day.

Stickers can help you keep track of what your photos are for. Once you’ve picked up your prints from a photo center or printed them at home, it may not make it into the album right away. Writing on the back of a photo can ruin your prints. The pen will make indentations that show through the front, and if you don’t wait until the ink is dry you can smudge it or transfer it onto another photo in the stack. You can create cute stickers for the backs of the photos that allow you to write on them first and then affix to the photo. Record the baby’s name, date, and what was going on in the photo. If you have twins or more than one child, you may be surprised at how it can be difficult to tell siblings apart in their baby photos, so always include their names!

Stickers for Calendars

Including a blank calendar in your baby book is a fun at-a-glance way to keep track of the first year. Print out blank calendar pages starting the month your baby was born. Create milestone stickers you can have at the ready for when they happen. First steps, first smile, first laugh, first word, first time watching Star Wars– be creative! Don’t just be confined to traditional milestones. Think of the things you’ll want to remember that are important to your family. First time meeting great-grandma, first skinned knee, first trip to the beach, first haircut, first pizza.

Custom stickers by Blue Bee Printing are a creative way to record your baby’s important firsts. And if this is your first time using custom stickers, we can make the process easy because being a parent is hard enough.

Custom Car Magnets Make the Perfect Fundraiser

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Coming up with creative fundraisers can be a real challenge. Sponsored restaurant nights, bake sales, and car washes are all old standards but involve a lot of work and preparation. Merchandise like T-shirts and hoodies is a bit of a tough sell because of the high price tag. A great fundraiser that requires little setup time and is an impulse buy that you can sell over and over are custom car magnets.

Car magnets are everywhere and people are looking to get in on the trend. They can be bought in bulk and sold over time, so you can place an order for a large amount to keep your unit costs down. If your fundraiser is successful you can always order additional runs of magnets and even change the design so you’ll take advantage of repeat buyers.

There are so many organizations that can benefit from a car magnet fundraiser:


Parent-Teacher Organizations run fundraisers throughout the school year. They coordinate the book fair, holiday fair, school store, plant sale, gift wrap, candle sale, gift auctions, and many more. With so many intensive fundraisers that require hours and hours of setup and volunteer time, it is a no-brainer to add car magnets to the list. They are an easy fundraiser for a novice PTO member who’s looking to gain experience. Simply order magnets and set up a table at Back-to-School Night. Parents will gobble them up, especially families new to the school. They can say “Proud Parent of a Jefferson Elementary Student” or simply the school name with its mascot. Any remaining magnets can be stocked at the school store or be sold at other events like parent-teacher conferences.


Sports teams are always looking for easy fundraisers to help purchase new uniforms and equipment since those items are constantly in need of replacement. You can order general magnets for the organization as a whole. These won’t change from year to year so you’ll have the ability to order a large amount to have on hand at the snack stand or merchandise area. Individual teams can sell magnets to support travel fees or other supplies. You can customize them with the year and date so parents will buy them each season. They also make great congratulatory items for tournament winners to help pay for trophies and prizes.


What better way to spread the word about a charity you support than by driving it all over town? Raise awareness about autism, pediatric cancer, muscular dystrophy, and lupus for example. The magnets act as advertisements and fundraisers for the cause at the same time.

Support groups can benefit from car magnet fundraisers as well. They can simultaneously advertise their group and gain the funds they need to support their members. Increasing a group’s visibility can help with membership recruitment. It’s a win-win.


Local families in need of financial assistance often resort to for their fundraising needs. It’s an amazing thing when a community rallies to support one of their own. Families crippled with medical bills, loss of home, or other tragedies need support. Fundraising for these families with car magnets can connect people to their cause.

The beauty of custom car magnets as a fundraiser is that it is so simple. All you have to do is upload your logo or design, select the style of magnet you want, and we’ll do the rest. Blue Bee Printing’s magnets are made to be durable with bright fade-resistant colors. They’ll stand up to wind and water for years. You don’t have to worry about losing them because their strong magnets won’t fall off cars.  Visibility, accessibility, and profitability: it’s the perfect combination for any fundraiser.

Be Memorable with Save-the-Date Magnets from Blue Bee

save the date magnets

Planning a wedding can simultaneously be the most fun and most stressful time in a young couple’s lives. You can get lost in the dos and don’ts of the process and understanding the etiquette can be confusing. Make your wedding date memorable with save-the-date magnets from Blue Bee Printing.

What is a save-the-date?

Traditionally a save-the-date is a precursor to the formal invitation. It is a way to let guests know of the event well in advance so they can clear their schedules and not plan any trips at the same time. If you are planning a destination wedding, you will definitely want to give your guests notice beforehand so they can clear several days and book travel arrangements. Typically you will want to send a save-the-date six to eight months before the wedding, or earlier for a destination wedding.

Do you really have to send one?

If you have a short engagement, then you may not need to send a save-the-date and will go straight to the formal invitation. Wedding invitations should be sent six to eight weeks before the event, so if your engagement is only a few months, skip to the formal invite.

Can you send an electronic notice?

While it is more common now to send evites for events like birthday parties and anniversaries, it is still best to send a physical save-the-date for a wedding. You may have relatives who want to keep it as a memento. With email you’ll never know if the recipient actually received the message, if it went to their spam folder, or if they changed their email address.

By sending a physical item you get the added benefit of ironing out your invitation address list beforehand. Invitation stationery and postage is often more expensive than save-the-dates and you’ll find out who of your friends and relatives have moved and forgotten to send you their new address.

Should you announce on social media instead?

Announcing your wedding date on social media may seem like a good idea at first, but when you think it through the problems start to emerge. You probably have a lot more friends and followers than you’ll have guests at your wedding. Some people may be expecting an invitation that you are not planning to invite simply because they saw your cute announcement post.

On the flip side, some people that you want to see your post may miss it altogether and unless you tag all the guests individually, you’ll definitely miss some people, especially older family members who might not be on your chosen platform. Announcing it on social media also opens you up to solicitation from people looking to cash in on your wedding. You’ll find out everyone you know who works as a photographer, DJ, florist, baker, caterer, wedding planner, and videographer. So unless you want to open your wedding up to the public, keep the save-the-dates off of social media.

What information should you include?

The rules for save-the-dates are relatively loose. You’re safe with keeping details to a minimum. The couple’s names, wedding date, and location are the essentials. You can include your wedding website for additional information and if you do, please make sure that it is live before you send it out. Do NOT include your wedding registry on the save-the-date, but you can include a link to it on your wedding website.

Why should you use a magnet instead of a card?

Save-the-date magnets are very popular so you’ll be on trend if you send them out instead of a postcard. They’re durable, and most people will stick it right on their refrigerator if they are planning to attend the wedding. People are more likely to keep magnets over cards and some will keep them hung up long after the wedding has passed. Cards can get lost easily and unless people write down your date, they may forget it. A magnet is a visible reminder.

What style should you use?

Be yourselves! A save-the-date is a great place to express your personality and set the tone for the wedding you want to have. You can include a photo of the two of you, or a design that will go with your wedding theme. Since invitations are mostly text, you can get more graphically creative with a save-the-date.

Sounds great! What are my options?

Magnets can be ordered as rectangles, squares, circles or ovals. They come with a standard gloss coating, or you can upgrade to UV gloss or matte laminate. Simply upload your file, choose your options, and we’ll do the rest! With these save-the-dates, your wedding date will be truly magnetic.