8 Uses for Blue Bee’s Customizable Stickers

As a child, the highlight of going to the doctor was probably being rewarded for a good visit with a sticker of your choice. Once the stage of childhood had passed, stickers became less of a common reward, but nostalgia means that many adults still have a great affinity for beautiful stickers. Blue Bee Printing brings back the simple joy of stickers, but we take ‘sticker’ to a whole new level. Rather than using a sticker that has already been designed, you have the privilege of creating your own one-of-a-kind invention. Customizable stickers are an outstanding and effective way to get your point across in an innovative manner, from advertising a business to designing reminder tabs for yourself. Don’t be surprised when you not only receive an influx of compliments on your stickers, but when your business takes off as well. Keep reading to learn about eight unique uses for Blue Bee’s customizable stickers!

1. Ageless advertising

Perhaps you have a new business up and running or maybe you’re a well-known staple in the local community. Whether you’re an annual participant in Small Business Saturday or you oversee the marketing department of a massive corporation, customizable stickers will serve you well. You might be wondering how exactly advertising with stickers can be a benefit. The more that potential customers see your brand, the more likely they will be to remember it. For example, if you own a bakery and someone notices your sticker in a passing glance, it may trigger a desire to make a visit, especially if they start salivating at the thought of a famous sticky bun. 

2. Effortless event hype

Along with advertising your brand, customizable stickers are a productive form of letting others know about the current happenings. For example, if your business has a special event coming up in the next few weeks, design a bold sticker to catch the eye of passersby or store infiltrates. By the time your event rolls around, you’ll have more attendees than you can handle! When more people are aware of your business, more chatting will occur on the street. Word will get around, and if you continue to provide high-quality services or products, business will roll in.

3. Superb save-the-dates

You’ve got a wedding around the corner and you need a creative way to get the word out. Right here is your answer. Design your reminder on our website and give the invite a dash of sparkle and a hint of pizazz. Maybe you’re planning a baby or bridal shower for your best friend and you don’t want people to forget the important date. A customized sticker with a special event-specific design will surely stick the date to the invitee’s brain.

4. Recognizable reminders

For years, you’ve been diligently scribing all of the endless to-do lists into a planner, but you’ve only recently begun to realize that an aging mind just can’t keep up. Maybe you’ve got ‘mom brain’, a condition where all of the content in your brain rapidly disappears. Whatever the case may be, customized stickers are the perfect way to put a little extra boost behind the item on your to-do list. You could get extra creative and color-code the stickers based on the category of the task. Associating a bright sticker with a certain responsibility may just give your mom-brain the pick-me-up for which it has been searching.

5. Resounding rewards for kids

I haven’t met a child who isn’t immediately mesmerized at the gifting of a sticker. Perhaps you’ve reached the potty-training stage. Every parent has their own approach, but the occasional reward isn’t a negative approach. Customized stickers are an affordable, but unique way to reward your child without giving them sweets or some kind of food. 

6. Customized chore charts

One of the most satisfying things in life is to cross an item off your to-do list. Most likely, you have some type of chore chart to keep your child accountable and train them in having responsibilities. Customizable chore stickers are another way to reward your child for completion of a task. You could even design stickers that correlate to each chore. It makes the experience more enjoyable for your child, while also helping them to understand the importance of having responsibilities. 

7. Water bottle add-ons

One of the fads among youngsters is to slap meaningful or ‘cool’ stickers on water bottles. Certain brands have gained rapport with this trend and you might notice a common theme among bottles if you stop to take a gander. Not only do people stick a bunch of stickers on their water bottles, but laptops also seem to be a breeding ground for the trend. Here’s the thing, with a customizable sticker, you’re able to put any design on a sticker for your bottle or laptop. Do you have a certain quote that sticks in your mind? Create a sticker exactly to your liking, and add it to the spot of your choice. 

8. Beaming bumper stickers

Well, not everyone prefers a sticker on their bumper, but if you are one of those people, Blue Bee is the business for you. We provide an opportunity to make a unique sticker that sends the message of your choice. Whether you want a single word, a quote, or the logo of your favorite sports team, you can find exactly that at Blue Bee. 

Surely there are many more creative uses for customizable stickers and that is what we want you to figure out! Don’t hesitate to experiment with them, especially in the business world and in your home. We’re confident that you’ll quickly fall in love!

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