Advertise Your Business Like a Pro with Oversized Postcards

oversized postcards

Whether your business is a startup or you’ve been in the field for years, advertising is essential. So much advertising is done digitally through email distribution lists, websites, social media platforms, and text alerts. Information overload has overwhelmed consumers to the point of saturation and only a select few ads have any resonance or impact. Emails and messages are easily deleted without even opening them. How do you reach consumers through all the noise of digital marketing? The answer may lie where you least expect it– direct mail marketing and oversized postcards.

Why is print media seeing a resurgence in popularity as an advertising form?

  • There’s less mail:  It may seem counter-intuitive to go with an advertising method so conventional, but it is the rapid departure from print media that has made the return to it so inviting. People are receiving fewer mail advertising pieces: unsubscribing from magazines and newspapers in favor of digital versions and opting for paperless billing. Less mail means that your piece is more likely to be viewed and not accidentally stuck in the pages of a magazine.
  • The consumer has to touch it:  Unlike an email or text message which can be discarded without opening, a postcard has to be touched. The recipient will see some part of the postcard. In many cases it will be saved for later reference.
  • It’s trustworthy:  There’s a reason print media was the chosen form of advertising for so long. It works. People have an inherent view of print advertising as more reliable than digital versions.
  • People like feeling appreciated as customers:  Your easiest way to increase business is through your current customer base. Sending them invitations to special events or sales is a great way to reward their customer loyalty.

How to start your mail campaign:

  • Choose your postcard size:  Oversized postcards will allow you to have more surface area seen by your customers and generate more of a response than standard size.
  • Use a mail house to reduce postage costs:  Since oversized postcards cost more in postage than standard ones, use a mail house to reduce your cost. They will take your mailing list and pass on to you a discount on bulk mailing.
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns:  Get the best value from your campaigns by marketing to specific people. Maintain databases of current customers, former customers, and potential customers. Design pieces specifically to market to them. Former customers respond to feelings of guilt when they hear that their patronage is missed by a business. Current customers want to be rewarded by the businesses they frequent. Potential customers can be swayed with the right incentives to buy. Design pieces to appeal to each group separately to get the most return on your investment.
  • Design is important:  If your advertising piece is going to be noticed, you want the design to be pleasing. Most people have a location in their home for mail. In a perfect scenario, the mail will be seen by others visiting the household. Let Blue Bee Printing help with our easy design platform. Concentrate on the content of your piece and ideally give it emotional resonance. That will bring optimal response from your customers.
  • Drive traffic online:  Include your web address and a QR code so you don’t have to cram your postcard with too much information. Get your customer to your website and allow them to explore.

You can take advantage of time-tested method of direct mail marketing with the quality postcards offered by Blue Bee Printing.

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