Using Banner Stands and Displays to Advertise your Business

banner stands and displays

We all encounter important times in our lives where presentation really matters. Whether you will be exhibiting your products at a convention, giving a demonstration in front of a new client, or presenting a thesis in front of your peers, it is paramount to have aesthetically-pleasing visual aids at the ready to enhance the overall quality of your presentation and ultimately impress your audience. Utilizing professional-grade, high-quality custom banner stands and displays from Blue Bee Printing is the most effective way to achieve an expert-level result no matter the occasion. Allow us to assist you in all of your professional presentation and printing needs.

When you use the high-quality custom displays & banner stands from Blue Bee, you’ll achieve an expert-level result no matter the occasion.

Here to help you succeed in all your presentation needs

At Blue Bee Printing, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level customer service and the highest quality products to meet your needs on time and on budget. Our friendly customer service technicians have the expertise needed to help you determine which products will best suit your unique needs and situation and help you select the solution that is right for you and your business. Our pricing is always up front and straightforward, so you need not worry about any complicated surprise fees that our competitors tend to tack on.

We offer effective options to assist you with your visual presentation needs. One of the most popular and convenient reusable options is a retractable banner stand, which has proven to be a wise investment for many businesses and individuals alike.

banner stands and displays

Retractable banner stands lend a professional appeal to any presentation

We emphatically recommend retractable banner stands for anyone seeking an attractive way to display their work without a wall from which to hang it. You can use them virtually anywhere as they are simple to assemble and store. Retractable banner stands are portable, lightweight, reusable and arrive to your front door complete with a convenient carrying case. These stands provide a professional way to showcase your services and products. Best of all, if you need to store your banner stand when not in use, it easily retracts and can be stored in its own aluminum casing.

Our deluxe banner stands are great for the business owner who needs a sturdier option for multiple uses.

Many customers find this option so convenient that they decide to purchase multiple banner stands to meet a multitude of their presentation needs. When purchasing multiples, you are always eligible for a competitive discounted rate. If you are seeking the ultimate in banner stands, our deluxe banner stands feature even sturdier hardware than our standard banner stands and will withstand repeated use. These are perfect if you plan to attend multiple trade shows, or for the business owner who would like to make a banner stand a more permanent fixture.

Personalized products at the perfect price

Once you decide to purchase a retractable banner stand from Blue Bee Printing, you have the option of personalizing your presentation any way you would like by either uploading your own digital artwork in any approved image format (jpg, jpeg, gif, png, eps, ai, pdf, zip, tar, rar, cdr, psd images only) or relying on our trusty template software to help design your custom display through our website.

banner stands and displays

Let us help you impress your audience with the professional quality of your presentation. Our customer service agents are happy to assist you with your design needs and answer questions via phone, email or live agent chat. They can help with issues like helping you size your documents to best fit the banner and helping you select optimized fonts, sizes and colors to help make your display stand out above the rest. We are confident that our pricing is competitive and that we offer a quality product at a great value. With our exemplary customer service executives and our high-end products, we aim to always exceed your expectations every step of the way. Your satisfaction is our top priority and always will be.

Best Places to Print Business Cards Online

best places to print business cards

It’s not difficult to note that almost everything that happens in the business world today is digital, such as sending email, holding a meeting, and even networking. One thing that hasn’t completely flipped the digital switch is the business card. Business cards may seem old-fashioned in an age when a digital option is available, but in reality, quite a few people still prefer the significance of the original tactile business card.

“Physical business cards facilitate a personal and unique connection between you and other professionals you’re networking with. They can also provide continued marketing for you – but only if your business card makes a good impression and stands out among the rest.” – Blue Bee Printing

Are you looking for a reputable company that will go above and beyond simply printing what you tell them to print? Blue Bee Printing will help you along the way with the creativity and creation of your next business card.

Blue Bee Printing offers an easy way to design and print your own business cards, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. While it may seem like an oxymoron of sorts – with Blue Bee you can design a business card – and all of your printed marketing materials – online. Convenience merged with tradition will allow you to bring to life printed promotional items on an easy-to-use online printing program.

Are printed business cards necessary in today’s tech-savvy business world? In a word – YES. Read on to find out three reasons WHY.

  1. Genuine Connection
    Face-to-face networking allows you to form genuine connections with potential customers, colleagues, and other business junkies. While it is possible to simply send your contact information via text or email, that hasn’t proven as effective a method for starting a relationship as making eye and hand contact as you meet a new colleague or potential client.

    best places to print business cards

  2. First Impression
    When you hand someone your business card, it may be their first impression of both you and your company. A unique, sharp design will create a lasting impact on your customer and serve as a good icebreaker for a conversation and potential relationship. It is much easier to cultivate a lasting relationship in person than via e-chats after which digital business cards can be shared. Without the tactile, hands-on connection with you as well as a physical reminder (your business card in their hand), the chances of your contact info being forever forgotten in a business card app are high.

    best places to print business cards

  3. Continued Marketing
    If you make a solid first impression with one person, they will walk away with a creative, memorable interaction and several of your business cards that they’ll likely share with others. On the other hand, if you exchange information through text or email, the conversation will likely end there, and your opportunity for successful network marketing via business card will flop.

    Ready to Design Your Business Cards with Blue Bee? It’s Easy (and actually quite fun)!

Step #1
Do you know what you want your business card to look like? If so, great! If not, that’s okay, because Blue Bee offers design templates that get the ball rolling. Maybe you want to keep it simple and begin with a blank background. Once you decide on a template or background, you can add a variety of shapes and personalized text. This is when you can place your contact information such as name, company name, email, fax number, etc. on the card. The good news is that your business card can have both a front and back design and be landscape or portrait.

Step #2
You can upload your business’s specialized logo and place it directly on the card. Choose the exact location of your logo and/or brand name on the card to direct the eye of your viewers. It’s also possible to add artwork and other images to make your business card unique.

Step #3
Choose between a gloss coat or an uncoated smooth coat as well as matte lamination or no lamination. Another interesting touch that you could add to your business cards is rounded corners. Once you’ve made all of your design decisions, you’re ready for the final step: printing!

Step #4
Checking out is easy; simply choose when you want your business cards to arrive and how many you’d like to order. Choose your payment options, and Blue Bee will have your specially-designed, business-promoting cards on your doorstep before you know it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t wait to get started on the project that has great potential to: increase your client list, improve your networking success rate, and boost your business’s bottom line simultaneously!

Custom Kitchen Measurement Magnets & Other Cool Magnet Uses

custom kitchen measurement magnets

Have you ever wondered if you could create your own customized magnet? Unlike the typical magnets that you can purchase from a store, magnets created just by you will have your own personal touch. Custom magnets can serve a myriad of purposes both in and outside of the house. Not only are they useful for business advertising, but they can even add a dash of color to your decorations or spruce up your kitchen appliances. Custom kitchen measurement magnets might just be your new best friend!

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of cooking and you just can’t remember how many cups are in a gallon?

We have a solution! Have you ever thought of purchasing a kitchen measurement magnet that lists all of the conversions in one place? Instead of having to pull out your phone with floury hands, all you would need to do is walk over to the kitchen measurement magnet and find the conversion. These magnets don’t necessarily have to be placed on the refrigerator, but can be stuck to any magnetic surface. You’ll never again have to guess at how many cups are in a gallon or how many tablespoons are in a cup. Using your creativity skills, you can choose from numerous backgrounds and designs for your measurement magnet. Your newly designed magnet will have a “staying power” on your fridge and provide easy-to-access conversions and measurements.

Measurement magnets aren’t the only unique use for custom magnets. Instead of an ordinary calendar, you could design a smaller magnet calendar that would take up less space on your refrigerator. Looking at scheduling an event or appointment several months in advance? You don’t even have to flip any pages, just glance at the calendar and check on the date.

Do you have any young children at home? Are they working on learning their numbers, alphabet, or short words?

You can purchase custom magnets and stick them on your refrigerator for your kids to play with. Design them with bright colors that will quickly attract your kids’ attention. Your kids won’t be able to resist fun colors and shapes!

Have you ever thought of sending out holiday magnets instead of holiday cards? Try something new this year and add a picture of your family to a magnet and then send it out to family and friends in place of a card. Rather than tossing a card in the trash, your friends can place your magnet somewhere in their house! Maybe you want to announce the birth of a baby, and what better way than to use a magnet. It’s easy for friends to stick to their fridge and remember the date on which the baby was born. Grandmothers would love this idea since a magnet would be a fantastic way for them to show off their new grandchild to friends!

custom kitchen measurement magnets

Are you planning a party or event? Using personalized magnets, you can share the date and details of the party with all of the guests. They can simply slap this on the fridge for a quick reminder. Since these magnets are personalized, you can even match the theme of the magnet to the theme of your party or event. Not only can you include the date or other details on the magnet, but you can add a quick note or message to guests as well.

One of the most effective uses for custom magnets is as a business card or other advertising purposes.

If you are self-employed or a consultant for another company, a magnetic business card is the perfect way for people to remember your name. Rather than handing out paper business cards that get lost or thrown away, customers can stick the magnetic business card on a surface in their office to easily remember you. Not only will your information be quickly accessible, but you also know your card will less likely get lost.

Chances are, you’ve seen or own magnets that represent a business or organization. These magnets are specifically designed to match the group’s logo, colors, and theme. If you’re part of an organization or own a business, these custom magnets are a superb way to get your name out and make people aware of your company’s logo and colors. Once people see a visual representation of your business logo, they will be more likely to recall it in the future.

Custom measurement kitchen magnets and other personalized custom magnets are fantastic for easily accessible conversions, date reminders, or small messages. You can slap them on the refrigerator or any other magnetic surface in your house. Take the next step towards creating your next personal magnet by visiting Blue Bee Printing!

We Have Custom Stickers for Birthday Parties!

custom stickers for birthday

Hooray, it’s that time of year again! You may or may not be looking forward to this special day, but you’re turning one year older. If your birthday isn’t something you enjoy celebrating, remember that it is a sign that you’re becoming wiser, and try to forget about the growing older part. No matter what age you’re celebrating, if you, a friend, or family member is hosting a birthday party, you want to make it as spirited, colorful, and lively as possible! What better way to pull off a superb party than with vibrant personalized decorations, especially with custom stickers for birthday party events?

Custom stickers are an easy and affordable way to personalize and brighten up any occasion. Not only will your guests see a personal part of you, but they can even take home a message written by you on each sticker. These one-of-a-kind adhesive decorations are perfect for embellishing tables, party favors, gift bags, cups, invitations, and presents. Your imagination can be brought to life and take your party to the next level!

Rather than creating e-vites, bring out your inner Ben Franklin (operator of the first post office) and mail out your party invitations. Sometimes, invitations can get lost in the shuffle or are just plain boring, but with personalized stickers, they will be sure to catch the eye of the guest. A bright pop on the invite will “stick” in your guests’ minds and you can even add a cute message.

custom stickers for birthday

Maybe you’re planning a themed party and you want to share that with your guests ahead of time. For example, if your son or daughter has been begging for a superhero-themed birthday party, create a sticker with a picture of Batman or Superman and place it on the card. Does your family member have an important birthday coming up, such as their 16th, 21st, or 50th? With the craziness of life, even family members may forget how old their loved one is turning. Placing a small sticker with the special year on the invitation can serve as a subtle but friendly reminder. Creating an adorable and cheerful sticker is sure to liven up any invitation!

After you’ve finished sending out the invitations, the next step is to start purchasing supplies and party favors. Cups, party hats, streamers, plates, napkins, silverware, oh my! You’re probably also going to need some balloons and party favors. Did you consider ordering balloons that match your custom stickers? Maybe you want to veer to the simple and more affordable side and stick with solid-colored cups, plates, and napkins. At the party, you won’t have any problem decorating them with custom stickers. You’ve probably found some streamers and a few other decorations, but you feel like you need one more addition to your theme. Stickers are the perfect solution to add some fun to the tablecloth, napkins, or other plain surfaces.

custom stickers for birthday

Once you’ve made all of your essential party purchases, it’s time for the moment everyone has been waiting for: the party! You’ve hung the balloons and streamers and covered the table(s) with tablecloths. If your party is small enough, it’s possible you’ve already set out the plates and cups. Either way, personalized stickers are a fantastic alternative to the boring, old method of scribbling guests’ names in black marker onto paper cups. Instead, each guest can use a unique sticker to differentiate the cups.

If you ordered stickers with just one design, you can still use them to decorate the cups. Another way to incorporate birthday stickers into the party is to slap them on the party hats. Lots of kids like wearing the cone-shaped hats at their parties, and custom stickers could make them even more exciting. If you’re handing out gift bags or party favors, what better way to share a special message with each of your guests than with custom stickers? A personalized sticker is the perfect way to write a short note or quote that your guests can take with them. Rather than reading the note and then tossing it in the trash as you would with a piece of paper, stickers can add a splash of color on a bookmark, a notebook, a planner, etc., and they last for a long time!

Your final task is to send out thank-you notes. Just like the invitations, a personalized sticker is sure to brighten the day of the guest that receives it. You could even put a quick message on the thank-you sticker letting your guest know how much you appreciate him or her. No matter how you decide to use your personalized stickers, it will add a dash of spice to any party. Visit Blue Bee Printing to let your imagination come to life and create your best custom stickers!

Easy Guide for Buying Stickers Online with Blue Bee

Buying Stickers Online

If you’ve researched buying stickers online, you’ve probably seen several platforms for uploading your design; each vendor has their own process for taking clients from the initial image to the final product.

We want you your experience with Blue Bee Printing to be fun, simple, and as quick as possible. That’s why we’ve created this Easy Guide for Buying Stickers with Blue Bee. This quick start guide will explain the 8 steps that will get you from picture to sticker.

If you should run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888-777-8676 or type your question into the chat window on our website.

  • Choose Your Style

We can create custom die-cut stickers, bumper stickers, round stickers, oval stickers, rounded corner stickers, square stickers, rectangle stickers, sticker sheets, bumper stickers, circle roll labels, and decal transfer stickers. Click on one of the options on the left when you’re ready to start creating your stickers.

Buying Stickers Online

Note for Die Cut Sticker Designs:
Please leave ⅛” of empty space all the way around your image. This space, called “bleed room,” allows us to keep your design perfectly centered inside your stickers. If this margin isn’t quite right, we can show you when we send you your proofs. However, if you can get this locked down ahead of time, it will streamline the process.

  • Choose a Size

We have a number of pre-set sizes for you to choose from, or we can create your stickers to your exact specifications. Just choose “custom size” from the sizing drop down menu and give us the dimensions.

  • Choose Your Quantity

    Buying Stickers Online

    Custom stickers will always be more affordable in greater quantities, so we’d like to make you a big box of stickers. We realize that not everyone loves stickers quite as much as we do, though, so we can create as many or as few stickers as you need.

  • Choose Your Materials

All of our stickers, with the exception of our circle roll labels and our decal transfer stickers, can be created on any of nine paper options backed with various adhesives.

  • Choose Your Finish

We offer the following three finishes:

1.  Plain gloss coating

2. UV-resistant gloss coating

3. UV-resistant matte coating

If your sticker will be exposed to light, either directly or through a window, we recommend UV-resistant coating.

  • Choose Your Proof Delivery Options

We can send your proofs to you electronically or mail them to you. We can also create your stickers without showing you proofs beforehand if you are running short on time, but we strongly recommend waiting until you see the proofs before you proceed with your order.

We always do our best to create your stickers to your exact specifications with your happiness as our primary goal. Your approving each step of the process gives you the power to design the perfect sticker for your business, project, or character.

Buying Stickers Online

  • Choose Your Timeline

Once we have your final approval on the proofs of your sticker design, we can create your stickers in 2 – 5 days. We also offer a RUSH option on your most urgent projects; you’ll see this option under SHIPPING.

With Blue Bee Printing’s exciting sticker design options, you can create virtually any design that you can imagine. We want to help you bring your ideas to life.

Create Unique Valentine Day Stickers

Valentine Day Stickers

Have you been thinking of making this Valentine’s Day extra special? Customized stickers are a fantastic way to make any holiday or event more unique. You might be surprised to see the variety of sticker designs, themes, and personalization opportunities that are available. Valentine Day stickers that are professionally printed will add a pop of color to any invitation, card, decoration, advertisement, etc. Not only will your products be personalized, but they will catch the eye of the beholder.

Valentine’s Day cards are a cheerful way to spread some love on Cupid’s favorite holiday. ♥♥♥

Whether it’s a card sent in the mail or personally handed to a loved one, add a splash of sassiness and spice to your note. Your sticker can have a special image, a picture of you and your loved one together, a quote, or a warm message of friendship. You can use the same design for all of your cards, or you can personalize each one. If you have an image that you especially love, you can create a digital version of the picture that could be included with an e-card, or a post on social media.

Chances are, your kids hand out little Valentine’s Day cards to their friends and classmates at school. Don’t be afraid to get them involved with spreading the love. Have them place a custom sticker on the small cards or simply get small pieces of paper and attach the stickers to the pieces of paper. If your sticker was a unique image, stick it to the piece of paper, and have your kids write personalized messages underneath them. This will be even more personalized than a store-bought card!

Valentine Day Stickers

If you’re thinking of handing out a small gift to a few close friends this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry about spending loads of money. Instead, focus your attention on the presentation of the gift. An inexpensive present that has a shiny, creative sticker on the wrapping paper can bring a smile to the face of your friend. A gift that’s in a mason jar, such as jam or jelly, or bath salts, can be spruced up with a custom label as well. Not only will a sticker add a rainbow of color, but your personal touch will mean the most.

Maybe you’re thinking of having a Valentine’s Day party or special event. What better way to brighten up any event than with personalized invites?

You can also use your unique stickers to decorate for the event – or consider placing them on goody bags that are handed out to guests. Having a special Valentine’s Day sale? Create stickers that announce a custom percentage off for each attendee. If you’re looking for more of a romantic ambiance, create the stickers with a flirty message and lay them out with rose petals.

Valentine Day Stickers

There are numerous uses for personalized stickers on Valentine’s Day. Surprise the special person in your life or show some love to your friends and family members by decorating your cards and gifts with stickers designed by you. Your designs and messages are limited only by your imagination, so don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity!

The Many Uses of Custom Design Magnets

custom design magnets

Magnets come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs!

Magnets can be found and used in just about any life circumstance. By creating your own unique custom design magnets, you can choose the perfect color scheme and design style to fit your needs. When you choose Blue Bee Printing, your magnets will require very little upkeep. They’ll also have a long life span with minimal fading.

Do you have (or know someone who has) a collection of magnets on your refrigerator from places you’ve visited and/or businesses you support?

Have you ever seen customized brands or logos on the side of a vehicle?

These are only a few of the ways magnets can be both fun and useful. Magnets are:

  1. An eye-catching way to share a short message
  2. Easy to stick to and remove from any metal surface
  3. A breeze to create with the help of Blue Bee Printing

Custom designed magnets are a great way to make otherwise dull recurring appointment reminders more memorable and interesting. For example, patients who are due for a dental cleaning can easily affix their custom appointment reminder to their fridge and avoid losing it in a pile of papers.

custom design magnets

Some other ways to use unique custom magnets include:

  • ‘Save the Date’ cards

  • Wedding invitations

  • Annual holiday cards

  • Party invitations

  • Birth announcements

  • Business grand opening

  • School awards/accomplishments

  • Customized gifts

  • Personalized student rewards (for teachers)

  • Business cards

  • Advertisement for a company/event

    Imagine visibility of your company logo  front and center on as many fridges, laptops, and other home goods as possible!

Paper and plastic business cards are often discarded, but a durable magnetic business card creates significantly less waste while providing a continual reminder of the service(s) you provide. The next time your customer is in need of your particular skillset, they’ll have your magnet as a ready reminder of who to call.

custom design magnets

More and more companies are using magnetic company car signs that can b used on company-owned as well as employee-owned vehicles.  Car sign magnets are easy to affix to any car, without leaving any sticky residue behind upon removal.

In addition to using customized magnets for invitations, reminders and advertising, many people are now using magnets to decorate and organize a space. Personalized magnets can quickly spruce up a kitchen, office, child’s bedroom, playroom and more. They can be used in a home office to organize bins and label files. In a child’s playroom or bedroom (on a diy magnetic wall), customized letter magnets can encourage young children to begin experimenting with spelling.

custom design magnets

Kids can also use their custom magnets on the refrigerator. Your fridge is essentially a giant display area – take advantage of it and create magnets with memorable quotes or photos of family, friends, or pets!

Organizing your home and home office simply becomes more exciting with the use of magnets. A magnetic calendar can be easier to manage with personalized magnets, especially if you have kids. A chore chart becomes effortless when using easily movable magnets to switch responsibilities each week, or as often as desired.

In summation, custom design magnets can enhance your business’s advertising and make life a bit easier when it comes to home and office organization. Magnets are a great way to create long-lasting items that would have otherwise taken up more space in a landfill. They can also make great gifts, kid activities, reminders, invitations, rewards and personalized cards. Get creative and make your next personalized magnet today!

How To: Create Custom Printable Stickers

custom printable stickers

Creativity is contagious!

A fun way to put your skills to use is to design your own customized stickers. Custom printable stickers can have a variety of uses, and are a unique and appealing way to start and promote a business, endorse a new or special product, advertise an event, or just add some color to your office or crafts.

Professionally printed stickers will personalize your projects by enhancing color schemes, giving character to your crafts, and implementing your own unique creativity skills for every project. Custom stickers hold endless opportunities!

custom printable stickers

Do you want to put an extra special touch on your birthday invitations or thank you cards? Perhaps you’re having an upcoming bake sale or other fundraising event. Around election day, a customized bumper sticker is a surefire way to promote the candidate you support.

Are you self-employed and searching for a new and innovative way to get your name out to the public? No matter the occasion, brand, or project, Blue Bee Printing can help you tweak the design to fit your desired style and results.custom printable stickers

A good brand logo should be recognizable by its color, name, font and appearance. You want your logo to “stick” in people’s minds. Hopefully, the logo of your company brand will draw the eyes of consumers, and customized stickers can help you share your logo and its message with the world.

One of the many benefits of a customized sticker is that it can be stuck almost anywhere. A good-looking logo may have consumers placing the sticker on a laptop or other piece of property where it can be carried beyond the four walls of an office which means it will be seen by others. Customized stickers are also great when you want to share a specific message to an audience (ex. grand opening date). You can also use custom stickers or magnets to promote a certain aspect of your business.


Blue Bee Printing wants to meet our customers’ needs, so we offer several different types of custom stickers. We offer die cut stickers, which are designed based on the specific shape for which the customer has in mind. Next, we have round, oval, square, rounded corner, and rectangle stickers. Additionally, we offer sticker sheets, bumper stickers, circle roll labels (rolls of stickers), and decal transfer stickers.

custom printable stickers

After you have decided on your stickers’ shape, you will begin the design process for your customized stickers. This involves selecting paper type and the adhesive you desire. With the exception of circle roll labels and decal transfer stickers, we offer nine paper options with different adhesives. The next decision to make is the type of coating you want on your stickers. The type of coating you select will be dependent on where the stickers will be used and what kind of look you are going for.

Once you have decided on the basics, the next (and most fun!) step to take will be personalizing your stickers. When placing your order, you will select how many stickers you need, as well as the size of your stickers. The final steps are deciding on the proofing and setting up the delivery. Soon, your custom printed sticker order will arrive in the mail!

Virtually any design that you have in mind for a sticker can be brought to life by Blue Bee Printing. We offer many types of designs, shapes, materials, styles, and finishes, all to fit the needs and desires of our highly valued customers.


How To: Create Beautiful Wedding Favours Magnets

wedding favours magnets

In the social media age, it can be difficult to have any part of your wedding or wedding preparations feel truly unique. However, personalized wedding favours & magnets are a beautiful way to make memories of your special day that will linger on long after the honeymoon is over. Infinitely customizable, the only limit to what we can create is your imagination.

Ideal for save the date cards, personalized magnets offer wedding guests a lovely, warm, slightly sentimental, yet still practical way to remember the exact date of your ceremony. Down the line, your smiling faces, monogram, or sweet poem will remind them of your anniversary as well as hold important papers on their refrigerator.

If you’re preparing gifts to thank the wedding party, customized magnets expressing your bond and your appreciation might be just the personalized touch your efforts need. “Thank you for being our best friends. We know you have our backs, now and forever!” If you are able to include photos of all of you together, so much the better.

At the rehearsal dinner or at the reception you might consider placing customized magnets thanking guests for attending your wedding. “Thank you for being with us in beautiful Hawaii” accompanied by the date and your names or initials set against a sunset view of the beach where you said your vows would be one example of creating a magnet that suits your wedding thematically.

If yours will be a charming country or rustic wedding, magnets with a wood-grain background are a warm, evocative means of making your guests feel momentarily transported back to the exact place you were married.

Of course, whether you choose a simple white monogram against a deep background or choose specific imagery (grape clusters for a wine country wedding, perhaps) that harkens back to your wedding’s theme, your guests will enjoy this sweet note from the two of you. It may be that a stencil magnet with retro silhouettes speaks to you even though your wedding will have a modern theme. Ultimately, the only important thing is that you feel like the two of you are able to express your unique personalities via this versatile medium.

Customized wedding magnets make ideal wedding announcements, as well; instead of announcing only via social media, make your big day unique by creating a tangible, lasting memento you can really share. Whether you choose a photo from the moment you said “I do” or a lively shot from the reception, people will appreciate the fact that you thoughtfully took the time to send a token showing that you thought of them.

Finally, we want to share one last idea: you could create magnetic “Guest Badges” that could be turned into mock credentials; after writing their names in permanent marker (bonus points for metallic markers on a black background), your guests could wear their badges on lanyards. Later on, guests could have their own memento of having been an “Honored Guest of the Parker-Hunt Wedding” to place on their refrigerator.



Design Die Cut Stickers with Blue Bee Printing!

design die cut stickers

Whether you’re a professional artist or a habitual coffee shop doodler, you’ve got what it takes to create your own custom die-cut stickers. If you’ve created a design that you want to share, or you’ve hired a designer to create a custom logo or character, you are ready to collaborate with us to design die-cut stickers that are unique to your business, group or band.

You’re interested in the die-cut method for your stickers because you want them to look professional, last a long time, and blend seamlessly with the surrounding surface when they’re placed. Because they are the answer to each of these, our die-cut stickers with customized edges are by far our most popular custom sticker option. After all, why would one go to the trouble of designing a customized sticker only to have generic edges ruining the outlines of the image? Or worse, having to skew or stretch a beautiful image to fit the apparently random requirements of a printing company? With Blue Bee, you have plentiful options when it comes to creating custom stickers.

Our beautiful, customized die-cut stickers beg to be shared, collected, and displayed proudly. Whether they end up being placed on 1” office binders, brown clipboards and laptops or hard guitar cases and skate boards, our stickers will put your logo or character in a spot where many people can enjoy it. All age groups show that they appreciate quality stickers with a unique flair; you’ll supply the flair, and we’ll give you stickers with quality that you can be proud to share.

We are able print and cut your stickers to any shape or size your design requires. First, upload your artwork directly to our website through the form you’ll find here, select the size you’d like your stickers to be, choose your finish and materials, then select an option to let us know how you’d like to see your proofs. We can send them electronically, mail them to you, or promptly run your design without showing you a proof if you’re feeling especially confident and on a tight deadline. It’s that simple. Depending on how quickly you want to receive your stickers, we can complete your project in 2 – 5 days. Of course, if you want us to rush, we can! Simply choose the rush option when you reach the shipping portion of the online design form.

We recommend that your image upload leave ⅛” bleed room all the way around; otherwise, your design might be slightly askew. While this is something that we would be able to show you on your proofs, preparing your upload with this requirement in mind will help reduce the risk of additional adjustments being necessary at that stage.

One note on price: custom die-cut stickers are by far the most economical when they are purchased in larger quantities, so be sure to check out different options using our handy price calculator to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.