Custom Car Magnets Make the Perfect Fundraiser

a car covered with custom stickers

Coming up with creative fundraisers can be a real challenge. Sponsored restaurant nights, bake sales, and car washes are all old standards but involve a lot of work and preparation. Merchandise like T-shirts and hoodies is a bit of a tough sell because of the high price tag. A great fundraiser that requires little setup time and is an impulse buy that you can sell over and over are custom car magnets.

Car magnets are everywhere and people are looking to get in on the trend. They can be bought in bulk and sold over time, so you can place an order for a large amount to keep your unit costs down. If your fundraiser is successful you can always order additional runs of magnets and even change the design so you’ll take advantage of repeat buyers.

There are so many organizations that can benefit from a car magnet fundraiser:


Parent-Teacher Organizations run fundraisers throughout the school year. They coordinate the book fair, holiday fair, school store, plant sale, gift wrap, candle sale, gift auctions, and many more. With so many intensive fundraisers that require hours and hours of setup and volunteer time, it is a no-brainer to add car magnets to the list. They are an easy fundraiser for a novice PTO member who’s looking to gain experience. Simply order magnets and set up a table at Back-to-School Night. Parents will gobble them up, especially families new to the school. They can say “Proud Parent of a Jefferson Elementary Student” or simply the school name with its mascot. Any remaining magnets can be stocked at the school store or be sold at other events like parent-teacher conferences.


Sports teams are always looking for easy fundraisers to help purchase new uniforms and equipment since those items are constantly in need of replacement. You can order general magnets for the organization as a whole. These won’t change from year to year so you’ll have the ability to order a large amount to have on hand at the snack stand or merchandise area. Individual teams can sell magnets to support travel fees or other supplies. You can customize them with the year and date so parents will buy them each season. They also make great congratulatory items for tournament winners to help pay for trophies and prizes.


What better way to spread the word about a charity you support than by driving it all over town? Raise awareness about autism, pediatric cancer, muscular dystrophy, and lupus for example. The magnets act as advertisements and fundraisers for the cause at the same time.

Support groups can benefit from car magnet fundraisers as well. They can simultaneously advertise their group and gain the funds they need to support their members. Increasing a group’s visibility can help with membership recruitment. It’s a win-win.


Local families in need of financial assistance often resort to for their fundraising needs. It’s an amazing thing when a community rallies to support one of their own. Families crippled with medical bills, loss of home, or other tragedies need support. Fundraising for these families with car magnets can connect people to their cause.

The beauty of custom car magnets as a fundraiser is that it is so simple. All you have to do is upload your logo or design, select the style of magnet you want, and we’ll do the rest. Blue Bee Printing’s magnets are made to be durable with bright fade-resistant colors. They’ll stand up to wind and water for years. You don’t have to worry about losing them because their strong magnets won’t fall off cars.  Visibility, accessibility, and profitability: it’s the perfect combination for any fundraiser.