Custom Kitchen Measurement Magnets & Other Cool Magnet Uses

custom kitchen measurement magnets

Have you ever wondered if you could create your own customized magnet? Unlike the typical magnets that you can purchase from a store, magnets created just by you will have your own personal touch. Custom magnets can serve a myriad of purposes both in and outside of the house. Not only are they useful for business advertising, but they can even add a dash of color to your decorations or spruce up your kitchen appliances. Custom kitchen measurement magnets might just be your new best friend!

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of cooking and you just can’t remember how many cups are in a gallon?

We have a solution! Have you ever thought of purchasing a kitchen measurement magnet that lists all of the conversions in one place? Instead of having to pull out your phone with floury hands, all you would need to do is walk over to the kitchen measurement magnet and find the conversion. These magnets don’t necessarily have to be placed on the refrigerator, but can be stuck to any magnetic surface. You’ll never again have to guess at how many cups are in a gallon or how many tablespoons are in a cup. Using your creativity skills, you can choose from numerous backgrounds and designs for your measurement magnet. Your newly designed magnet will have a “staying power” on your fridge and provide easy-to-access conversions and measurements.

Measurement magnets aren’t the only unique use for custom magnets. Instead of an ordinary calendar, you could design a smaller magnet calendar that would take up less space on your refrigerator. Looking at scheduling an event or appointment several months in advance? You don’t even have to flip any pages, just glance at the calendar and check on the date.

Do you have any young children at home? Are they working on learning their numbers, alphabet, or short words?

You can purchase custom magnets and stick them on your refrigerator for your kids to play with. Design them with bright colors that will quickly attract your kids’ attention. Your kids won’t be able to resist fun colors and shapes!

Have you ever thought of sending out holiday magnets instead of holiday cards? Try something new this year and add a picture of your family to a magnet and then send it out to family and friends in place of a card. Rather than tossing a card in the trash, your friends can place your magnet somewhere in their house! Maybe you want to announce the birth of a baby, and what better way than to use a magnet. It’s easy for friends to stick to their fridge and remember the date on which the baby was born. Grandmothers would love this idea since a magnet would be a fantastic way for them to show off their new grandchild to friends!

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Are you planning a party or event? Using personalized magnets, you can share the date and details of the party with all of the guests. They can simply slap this on the fridge for a quick reminder. Since these magnets are personalized, you can even match the theme of the magnet to the theme of your party or event. Not only can you include the date or other details on the magnet, but you can add a quick note or message to guests as well.

One of the most effective uses for custom magnets is as a business card or other advertising purposes.

If you are self-employed or a consultant for another company, a magnetic business card is the perfect way for people to remember your name. Rather than handing out paper business cards that get lost or thrown away, customers can stick the magnetic business card on a surface in their office to easily remember you. Not only will your information be quickly accessible, but you also know your card will less likely get lost.

Chances are, you’ve seen or own magnets that represent a business or organization. These magnets are specifically designed to match the group’s logo, colors, and theme. If you’re part of an organization or own a business, these custom magnets are a superb way to get your name out and make people aware of your company’s logo and colors. Once people see a visual representation of your business logo, they will be more likely to recall it in the future.

Custom measurement kitchen magnets and other personalized custom magnets are fantastic for easily accessible conversions, date reminders, or small messages. You can slap them on the refrigerator or any other magnetic surface in your house. Take the next step towards creating your next personal magnet by visiting Blue Bee Printing!