Custom Magnets for Whiteboards

For many American families, the kitchen is the heart of the house. It’s where we gather together to begin our days, have family meetings, work on homework, and check emails while we try not to burn dinner.

If your family is like ours, it’s hectic. Between balancing work and school schedules, extra-curricular activities, and social events, it can get overwhelming.

If you would like a clear, easy-to-read system for managing your family’s busy schedule using customized whiteboard magnets, today’s article is for you!

We especially like this style of calendar for families with young children. While a digital calendar can work well for teens, younger children will benefit from being able to see what’s happening by simply glancing up at the calendar you’ve created.

Your Whiteboard is Now Your Command Center

Prepare for each week by creating that week’s calendar on the whiteboard. By limiting this calendar to one week at a time, you’ll be able to prepare mentally as you write it out, and your children won’t be overwhelmed by trying to comprehend a long span of time. Weeks make much more tangible sense to young children than months!

Each Family Member Needs At Least One Custom Magnet

Normally we recommend 3 customized magnets per person, but you may be able to squeak by with 1 per family member. By placing a person’s magnet strategically on the whiteboard, you can draw attention to where they will be during the day.

Little girl writing on empty whiteboard with a marker pen. Learning, education and back to school concept with copy space

Create Custom Magnets for Special Events and Activities

Is your little one attending art class, participating in sports, or heading to the dentist? A custom magnet is a perfect way to illustrate the day. For special events like birthdays, holidays, and vacations, magnets can help build anticipation even as they help a child visualize the wait in bite-sized increments. The result may be improved patience and a clearer sense of time passing.

Chores Are Easy to Assign with Custom Magnets

Are you tired of reminding your children of their chores? Design a magnet to represent each chore that’s appropriate for them. From setting the table and unloading the dishwasher to dusting and sweeping, a magnet is a reminder of their responsibility.

By rewarding your children for following their chore magnet independently (we suggest Blue Bee custom printed stickers because kids just love them), you’ll soon find them eager to help without your reminders.

Themed Custom Magnets for Each Month

To make your whiteboard feel a bit more special, you can design a larger magnet for each month. Young children will benefit from associating each month’s name with seasonal themes, and your command center will feel more decorative. In fact, we daresay it’s downright fun to put up a beautiful new month’s magnet!

Young children love to learn as they help you, so take the opportunity to talk about the month’s name and seasonal associations as you prepare the first week of the month.

If you’d like assistance designing custom magnets for your family’s command center whiteboard, please contact us directly. We look forward to helping you create a system that will streamline your busy schedule.

Be Memorable with Save-the-Date Magnets from Blue Bee

save the date magnets

Planning a wedding can simultaneously be the most fun and most stressful time in a young couple’s lives. You can get lost in the dos and don’ts of the process and understanding the etiquette can be confusing. Make your wedding date memorable with save-the-date magnets from Blue Bee Printing.

What is a save-the-date?

Traditionally a save-the-date is a precursor to the formal invitation. It is a way to let guests know of the event well in advance so they can clear their schedules and not plan any trips at the same time. If you are planning a destination wedding, you will definitely want to give your guests notice beforehand so they can clear several days and book travel arrangements. Typically you will want to send a save-the-date six to eight months before the wedding, or earlier for a destination wedding.

Do you really have to send one?

If you have a short engagement, then you may not need to send a save-the-date and will go straight to the formal invitation. Wedding invitations should be sent six to eight weeks before the event, so if your engagement is only a few months, skip to the formal invite.

Can you send an electronic notice?

While it is more common now to send evites for events like birthday parties and anniversaries, it is still best to send a physical save-the-date for a wedding. You may have relatives who want to keep it as a memento. With email you’ll never know if the recipient actually received the message, if it went to their spam folder, or if they changed their email address.

By sending a physical item you get the added benefit of ironing out your invitation address list beforehand. Invitation stationery and postage is often more expensive than save-the-dates and you’ll find out who of your friends and relatives have moved and forgotten to send you their new address.

Should you announce on social media instead?

Announcing your wedding date on social media may seem like a good idea at first, but when you think it through the problems start to emerge. You probably have a lot more friends and followers than you’ll have guests at your wedding. Some people may be expecting an invitation that you are not planning to invite simply because they saw your cute announcement post.

On the flip side, some people that you want to see your post may miss it altogether and unless you tag all the guests individually, you’ll definitely miss some people, especially older family members who might not be on your chosen platform. Announcing it on social media also opens you up to solicitation from people looking to cash in on your wedding. You’ll find out everyone you know who works as a photographer, DJ, florist, baker, caterer, wedding planner, and videographer. So unless you want to open your wedding up to the public, keep the save-the-dates off of social media.

What information should you include?

The rules for save-the-dates are relatively loose. You’re safe with keeping details to a minimum. The couple’s names, wedding date, and location are the essentials. You can include your wedding website for additional information and if you do, please make sure that it is live before you send it out. Do NOT include your wedding registry on the save-the-date, but you can include a link to it on your wedding website.

Why should you use a magnet instead of a card?

Save-the-date magnets are very popular so you’ll be on trend if you send them out instead of a postcard. They’re durable, and most people will stick it right on their refrigerator if they are planning to attend the wedding. People are more likely to keep magnets over cards and some will keep them hung up long after the wedding has passed. Cards can get lost easily and unless people write down your date, they may forget it. A magnet is a visible reminder.

What style should you use?

Be yourselves! A save-the-date is a great place to express your personality and set the tone for the wedding you want to have. You can include a photo of the two of you, or a design that will go with your wedding theme. Since invitations are mostly text, you can get more graphically creative with a save-the-date.

Sounds great! What are my options?

Magnets can be ordered as rectangles, squares, circles or ovals. They come with a standard gloss coating, or you can upgrade to UV gloss or matte laminate. Simply upload your file, choose your options, and we’ll do the rest! With these save-the-dates, your wedding date will be truly magnetic.