Get Creative in the New Year with Blue Bee Printing

In 2020, as the world of entertainment production was swiftly confined to what each creator could produce within their own homes, the world of animation became the hub of an industry. While video games, online cartoon series, anime series, and Western animated cartoons were already enjoying unprecedented success, there’s no denying that lockdown changed the way content was created even further.

If you are an animator, independent game designer, web cartoon creator, anime artist, or comic strip author, it’s vital that you generate and sustain interest in your characters. Blue Bee’s custom stickers are the ideal way to create your own affordable merchandise to promote your fan base’s favorites!

Children, teens, and young adults all enjoy expressing their interests and personality with stickers. Usually, fans of independent art are eager to share their discovery with their peers; a sticker on a binder, phone case, laptop, or Hydroflask can be the perfect way to generate a conversation about an adorable character design.

All it takes is one peek at this popular Etsy category to see how much revenue can be generated with sales of character stickers. While your fanbase may not yet be large enough to support your ordering sweatshirts, tees, or plush toys, our high-quality stickers are ideal for any creator’s budget.

Our custom sticker services will give you the ability to create any kind of packs you can envision: do you want to sell background sheets along with your characters, allowing fans to create their own scenes? We can do that. Would your fans prefer large, glossy, waterproof stickers? We’re here for you.

Ask your fans online: do they want decals for water bottles, laptops, vehicles, or notebooks? Once you have an idea of how your fans would like to use their character stickers, let us know. We’ll recommend the sticker products that will best suit your needs. Our team has many years of experience with crafting outstanding products that hold up in nearly any application setting!

If you discover that your sticker packs are popular with your fanbase, the next item to consider may be our fully customized greeting cards. While the holidays are nearly a year away, they’ll be here in the blink of an eye. This summer is the perfect time to contact us to kick of production of holiday cards designed with your characters!

When you order with us, we guarantee swift turnaround time on our beautiful greeting cards, which will give you plenty of time to show your fans the entire line on social media. Plan the perfect hashtag for your fans to use as their greeting cards arrive at their door, and you’ll have a seasonal social media uptick at the time of year when a little extra income is probably most important.

Additionally, we can assist you with designing small stickers that can be used as envelope seals. Your endearing characters can then be seen all along their journey through the mail system, generating further interest and increasing familiarity as they go.

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