How to Make a Magnet Display Board

How to Make a Magnet Display

Magnetic display boards are useful tools for your home or business. They can be used as a calendar, as a tool to organize papers, as a kid’s chore chart, or as an adaptable and creative business display. Magnetic boards are versatile and easily customizable. But buying a magnetic board at a store can be expensive. You might find it is difficult to find the perfect board for your specific needs. Today we are going to walk through inexpensive, easy, and customizable DIY methods for how to make a magnet display board.

Find your base

First, you will need to find some metal that will serve as your board. We recommend using smooth sheet metal because it is easy to work with and therefore easier to customize to fit your specific needs. Make sure the metal is zinc-coated steel or tin, as magnets will not stick to galvanized steel or aluminum. You can get as many sheets as you need to make a larger display or cut the sheets down with a utility knife or tin snips to make a smaller display. Sheet metal can be bought at most hardware stores.

Tip: Take a magnet with you to the store when you pick out your sheet metal to make sure the magnet gets a good stick.

Get Creative!

Next, it’s time to customize your magnetic display! You can either paint the sheet metal with a metal-adhesive paint OR cover the metal with fabric. When painting the metal, be sure to spray thin, even layers, letting each layer dry completely between coats. If you decide to use fabric, make sure you use a thin fabric that does not interfere with the magnetic pull of the metal. Cut the fabric to be larger than the metal by three inches on all sides. Use a spray adhesive around the edges of the back of the metal board. Fold the fabric and press, making sure the fabric is stretched tight on the metal board. Let the adhesive dry completely before continuing. If you are looking for a more rustic look, you can simply leave the natural metal exposed.

Tip: Use different colored paints or different patterned fabrics to make a unique, eye-grabbing display.

Frame It

You can use a picture frame or molding to frame the metal board. This will make your board sturdier and protect against any potentially sharp edges on the board. You can make the frame as simple or as unique as you want it to be. You can glue buttons or letters to your frame, paint it to complement your metal board, or distress it for a vintage feel.

Tip: This is the perfect time to re-purpose that old metal picture frame, or the wood molding around that broken mirror you have laying around. Get creative with the things you already have in your house!

Create your display!

Now you can hang your magnetic board and create your display. Customizable magnets are the perfect tool to create lasting mementos with a practical purpose. Blue Bee is here to help get you started with our customizable magnet options in all different colors, sizes, and shapes! Get started on your custom made magnets today.


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