Getting Back to Writing Letters: How to Use Custom Stickers with your Pen Pal

Writing letters can have many benefits. Putting pen to paper is shown to reduce anxiety, improve mental clarity, and sharpen memory. Anything from daily journal entries, a handwritten thank you note, or a birthday card with a short memory written in the margins can create a moment of mental attention. Why not sharpen this skill with practice by seeking out a pen pal? Dozens of free online services will match you with a pen pal. In addition, custom stickers can enhance your letters in many creative ways.

Envelope seals

Nothing fancies up a letter like custom envelope seals. You can use your last initial in a script font, a custom logo, or even a photo of yourself. Your recipient will love the extra touch of breaking the seal as they open your latest correspondence.

Address labels

If you’re going to be mailing to the same pen pal for an extended time, order custom labels printed with their address. Use a modern decorative font for the name and a clean readable font for the address. Your pen pal will be flattered that you decorated their address and you won’t have to look it up every time you write to them. You can also print custom return address labels that can be used for any letter – not just for your pen pals.

Story starters

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a letter is knowing what to say. Use custom stickers as story starters to get the conversation going. Print little questions on them and use them as a jumpstart. ‘What was the most fun you ever had?’ ‘Where did you meet your first love?’ ‘What was the worst job you ever had?’ ‘Where would you live if you could live anywhere?’

Closing labels

How do you end your pen pal letters? Do you write ‘Sincerely?’ ‘Your friend?’ A common pen pal closing is ‘Write back soon.’ Whatever closing you settle on, you can make it special with a custom sticker and then sign your name underneath. You can send a sheet of stickers to your pen pal in your letter so they can share the same closing in their return letter.

Time markers

How often do you plan to write your pen pal? Once a month? Once a week? Help keep on task with custom stickers that signify that this is your letter for that time period. If you’re writing your January letter, start your letter with a January sticker. It will help keep you from missing your letters and your pen pal will be able to keep them organized easily.

Holiday stickers

Decorate your letters with stickers appropriate for the holidays. If it’s close to Valentine’s Day, some hearts and cupids will warm their holiday spirit. If it’s Fourth of July, fireworks and flags are festive additions. This is especially appreciated if you’re writing to a pen pal from another country who isn’t as familiar with American culture. You can describe how you celebrate the holiday and use stickers to illustrate it.

Teaching Kids About Time Management with Custom Magnets

You nag, you beg, and you plead but you just can’t seem to get your kids to manage their own time effectively. With so many distractions, electronics, and activities it can seem impossible to balance it all. Custom magnets can teach kids how to better manage their time on their own and take the pressure off of you.

Daily Tasks:

What do your kids do when they first get up in the morning? Is it a struggle for them to get out the door for school? Most kids need help remembering their homework projects, gym sneakers, lunch bag, face mask, and other supplies, especially now that school doesn’t look exactly like it did prior to the pandemic.

Custom magnets are a great way to create a checklist of common daily tasks. Permanent tasks like brushing teeth, getting dressed, feeding pets, and cleaning up breakfast can be printed as a list. Tasks that vary can be written in dry erase marker on blank lines beneath it, like bringing a musical instrument for band practice or packing a signed permission slip that don’t happen every day. Only after all the tasks are checked off can kids watch TV or play.


A great character builder for teaching kids responsibility is giving them chores to do around the house. You’ll get far less resistance if they can manage their own time doing it and set their own expectations. If one child’s job is to clean the bathroom, they may get frustrated trying to do it all in one day. Instead, break each room down into manageable sections that can be tackled each day.

Day one, clean mirror; day two, clean sink; day three, clean toilet; day four, clean bathtub; day five, clean floor; day six, empty garbage, and day seven, everything is done! You can stick the magnet on the medicine cabinet and they can check off as they go.

Breaking Down Projects into Pieces:

Most parents groan when their child gets a project assigned at school, knowing that they will end up doing a big chunk of the work. At the beginning of the project, help them break it down into manageable pieces. Use a project magnet to track the tasks and when each needs to be finished. After a few projects, your child will get better at managing projects on their own.

Managing Activities:

How often are your kids cramming for weekly events the night before? Are they prepared for their tutoring session? Have they practiced for dance lessons? Are they scrambling to find their gear each time? Use magnets for each activity with a daily practice reminder for the week and a list of supplies needed.

Goal Setting:

Helping kids set goals is an important life skill. Sit down with them to talk about things they want to accomplish and when. If they want to save up enough money for a new bike by summer, determine how much they will need to earn in addition to their allowance. Help them plan a lemonade stand or other way of raising the funds in addition to household chores. Having a goal magnet visible on the fridge helps kids keep the target in mind so that they’ll continue to work toward their goal.  

Print Custom Holiday Stickers Online with Blue Bee!

It’s coming up on the most wonderful time of the year and we could all use a little holiday cheer! Coming to the end of one of the most stressful years in modern history, let Blue Bee take the anxiety out of the holiday season with custom stickers.

Dress Up Holiday Cards

Do you go all out for your holiday cards every year? You hire a photographer, buy props and matching outfits, spend days choosing the right layout and designing the card, then stick it in a plain envelope and call it a day? Make your cards the talk of the town!

Maybe you bought your holiday cards with the intention of hand-writing a personal note, but the season has gotten busy and you’re running out of time. Custom print a signature sticker with a happy new year message from you and the family.

If you use a photo for your card, use one of your outtakes on your return address label. Your friends will appreciate the teaser and the chance to see your candid side.

Create matching envelope seal stickers so you don’t have to spend hours licking and sealing. Bonus for no paper cuts!

Simplify Your Gift Wrapping

Why stick with plain “To/From” stickers from a big box store when you can order custom stickers with your name preprinted on them? It’ll save you tons of time when you’re wrapping to only have to print the recipient’s name. You can even order a separate set for Santa gifts so your kids will never know!

Don’t spend a fortune on fancy holiday gift bags. You can use plain bags and add your own holiday stickers to decorate them. Your friends will think you’re creative and crafty! It’s easy (and fun) to dress up plain wrapping paper with holiday stickers instead of buying special paper you then would have to store.

Be the Star of the Cookie Exchange

If you’re spending days baking dozens of cookies to share, you don’t have to spend forever on presentation as well. Find some clear containers since your cookies are their own display, and label the top with their name and the recipe.

Other food gifts are always welcomed by teachers, instructors, and coaches. Wrap them in clear cellophane and finish with a Happy Holidays sticker. Dress up mason jars with labels for lids and a holiday ribbon and fill with candy. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

If you like to give wine as gifts or bring to parties, you can customize the bottle with holiday stickers to make them more personal.

Stickers Make It Fun for Kids

Kids love playing with activity books and stickers. Spread some holiday cheer with a basket full of coloring books, crayons, holiday stickers, candies, and treats. Start a trend in your neighborhood by anonymously dropping off a pail of goodies with a sticker that says they’ve been Elf-ed.

While the holidays may look a little different this year, you can preserve your traditions and invent new ones with custom stickers by Blue Bee.

Using Custom Magnets at Home During Distance Learning

custom stickers with grid pattern

Parents all across the country are finding themselves adjusting to the new normal with kids learning from home. Whether remote learning, hybrid, homeschooling, or some combination thereof, custom magnets can help you organize and keep your students on task.

Find a Space

The first step to creating a distance learning environment is to find a space where students can work that’s away from distractions. Ideally they would have a table or desk to sit at in a chair. Working on their bed, on the floor, or on the couch is definitely not conducive to learning. A desk in their room that’s clear of everything but the items they need for school would be a great place. If you have to have them working at the kitchen or dining room table, try to create a divider using a tri-fold board so they can have separation from the rest of the house. Wherever they are, hang a magnetized whiteboard that you can write on and put up your custom magnets.

Create a Schedule

Establishing a routine is key to successful distance learning. Treat the day like a regular school day. Make sure they get up early, eat a good breakfast, prepare all the supplies they’ll need at their seat, get dressed in clothes not pajamas, and start on time. Use custom magnets to create a permanent schedule for daily activities like morning homeroom, core classes, and lunch and snack breaks. Use the whiteboard to fill in rotating specials or alternating block scheduling.

Post Important Logins

Having all your student’s logins in one easy to find place will be a life-saver. Your school’s browser may store the user IDs and passwords, but these can be lost when there’s a software update. Keep all of your IDs and passwords printed on a magnet and posted on your whiteboard where you can easily find it. You can even print QR codes for the websites you need to access regularly.

Keep Contact Emails Together

Staying in touch with the teachers is more important than ever. In addition to your child’s regular teachers, you’ll need to keep handy the contact information of the computer teacher, technology team, or whoever is in charge of equipment. Keep your internet provider’s information handy as well in case of a Wi-Fi failure. Just like you keep a magnet on the refrigerator with emergency contact numbers, keep a magnet on your whiteboard with your school contact emails and numbers.

Show Encouragement

Remember that distance learning is just as hard on the kids as it is for the teachers and parents. Create a set of fun encouraging magnets to change out. You can copy the stickers teachers would use to put on a paper like “A+ Student!” or “Awesome Job!” Or use emojis and happy faces to put a smile on their face. Once you get in the groove, your home will become an ideal remote learning environment.

Welcome Students Back to School with Custom Cards by Blue Bee Printing

The start of the 2020-2021 school year is shaping up to be unlike any ever experienced. Every state has their own guidelines and every district is reacting to them in their own way. Your old classroom setup needs to be changed to fit the new plan in order to keep everyone safe. Custom cards and stickers from Blue Bee Printing can make the start of your school year a welcoming experience.

Remote Learning:

Once you get a list of your students for the year, consider sending them a custom postcard introducing yourself. If your students are doing a virtual classroom, a friendly photo of yourself will be a great introduction so they know whom they’ll be meeting when they log in for the first time. If you have a virtual classroom you can include a QR code for them to scan with their devices that takes them to the site.

Monthly postcards are a great way to stay in touch with your students on the remote path. The students will look forward to getting mail from their teacher, and you can give them a more personal message. Since postcard stamps are cheaper than a letter, you’ll save on the cost of mailing but still give your students a tangible reminder that you’re thinking of them.

In-Person Learning:

Clean doesn’t have to mean visually sterile. Your classroom may have fewer things in it so there is less to keep free of germs, but you can make what you have count. If you’re using Plexiglas barriers, don’t be afraid to decorate them with fun stickers and borders. Use dry erase markers to draw mustaches and silly faces. Some of the new measures in place can be scary for children so the more ways you can make their environment fun, the better.

Since desks will be standing freely, have the kids come up with a new way to decorate them each month. One month you can turn the desks into cars or other vehicles. Another month could be robots. The theme could tie into the lessons and you can use our custom stickers to pull it off.

Classroom routines will be different with the new requirements. You may want to have a few hand sanitizer stations in the room. Having clear signs will help little ones know how to use it properly. You can use printed cards as table tents or affix stickers to the bottle. Students will likely not be sharing classroom materials so encourage them to use our custom labels on each item: glue sticks, rulers, markers, and notebooks.

Social distancing guidelines can be especially difficult for younger children to follow. Help them remember to keep their distance by clearly marking the floor with large stickers six feet apart. You can even use floor stickers to create arrows to help with traffic flow in the hallways.

This fall, you can creatively welcome back your students with custom printing from Blue Bee. You can make your classroom the fun, safe, educational environment you want it to be.

How to Use Custom Stickers to Create CHEAP Summer Projects

Make your schedule fun!

Stickers can make your calendar or summer schedule fun for you and the whole family. Mark off your vacation with stickers of palm trees or roller coasters. If you spend Fridays at the beach, add stickers of waves. Create a fun honey-do list with stickers on a whiteboard to check off the yardwork each week.  

Create a space for you

Have you been dreaming of a she-shed, man cave, craft nook, or office space? Setting aside someplace for you doesn’t have to be a huge renovation. Use a sheet of plywood covered in contact paper resting across two small bookcases for a desk. Cover cardboard boxes with extra fabric for cheap storage containers and use custom stickers to label them.

Liven up your summer parties

Don’t buy specialty glasses and tableware for summer. Blue Bee stickers adhere perfectly to any surface to make your tableware summer-ready. Create summer-themed stickers with starfish, lemons, or flamingoes and stick on plain glasses and plates. If you want to change it up for the next party, just change your stickers and match your stickers to your party theme.

Projects for Kids

Keeping kids occupied during the summer can be a monumental challenge. A few days into summer break the summer slide starts and the electronics come out. Keep your children engaged with fun custom sticker projects that won’t break the bank.

Create a garden

Gardening with your kids is a very rewarding experience. Teach them about every step of the process. Use household plastic recyclables like coffee cans, laundry detergent bottles, or snack containers to make free planters. Make a compost pile to teach them about fertilizing. Set out containers by your drainpipes to collect rainwater. Use the seeds from fruits and vegetables you eat to show how plants sprout. Blue Bee has weatherproof sticker options you can use to make custom labels for your planters. Your children will have a summer-long project and your kitchen will have fresh produce.

Make greeting cards

Summer can be an isolating time for kids. They’ll miss seeing their friends every day. Help them stay connected and teach them a valuable life skill at the same time. Custom stickers are a fun way to make homemade greeting cards. Kids can add the stickers to the front of the card and write their messages on the inside. Then teach them how to address an envelope themselves. The whole project won’t cost you much more than a stamp!

Custom stickers by Blue Bee are durable, affordable, and high-quality. Your projects with us will last through this summer, next summer, and beyond!

Make Your Own Erin Condren Customized Stickers

custom planner sticker sheets

With summer just around the corner, a new school year just over the horizon, and holiday planning ever looming, this is the perfect time of year to sit down with your planner and set brand new goals. Fortunately, long gone are the days when planners had to be drab and stale! Instead, choose to enhance your beautiful 2020 planner! Make your own Erin Condren stickers with Blue Bee Printing, or make your Bullet Journal pop with just-for-you customized stickers.

Today, we’re going to show you how to use the stickers you create. If you’re someone who likes to pepper in a bit of whimsy every day, custom stickers for your planner are a great way to keep yourself organized. Read on for our best DIY planner sticker tips!

1. Use customized stickers for appointments.

This tip is a time-saver, and it can make things like a child’s doctor, dentist, or orthodontist trip a bit more fun. When it’s time to add an upcoming appointment to the calendar, you can show your little one the custom sticker you’ve created just for these events.

2. Keep Yourself Motivated

Most of us aren’t crazy about starting a workout routine, and it can be tough to stick with it for very long. By creating meaningful, pretty stickers congratulating yourself for workouts 25, 50, 75, and 100, you’ll have one more reason to keep this form of self-care going.

3. Create Custom Birthday Stickers

Where there’s a big birthday, there should be a sticker! Celebrate your loved one’s special day with a sticker designed with their birth year and photo, and see their smile as you point out the big day coming up.

This is a lot of fun for pets, as well; perhaps because they don’t have many birthdays with us, it can be rewarding to go all out!

4. Create Work-Related Stickers

Whether your work takes place in a board room or a classroom, stickers can jazz up even the most mundane tasks. Mark meetings, important deadlines, your boss’s birthday, or your employee’s vacation with a custom sticker.

5. Design Your Own Holiday Stickers

Mass-produced holiday stickers are usually cute, but they can’t compare to the fun of creating stickers that remind you of what YOU love best about each holiday. Holiday stickers can also be printed in sheets; what works well for your calendar may also enhance gift boxes, card envelopes, and boxes of handmade treats!

If you require any assistance designing your stickers, please contact us! We love helping our clients create their own planner and calendar stickers.

Thanks for visiting the Blue Bee Printing blog. How do you plan to use your custom Blue Bee Printing stickers in your journal? Do you use Erin Condren, Bullet Journal, or perhaps another system? Let us know in the comments below.

Why Our Custom Magnet Company Beats the Competition

custom wedding save the date magnets

When it comes to designing an eye-catching magnet for your start-up business, your favorite sports team, or your upcoming wedding, Blue Bee Printing is simply the best in the field. Paper business cards? Paper “save-the-dates”? They’re becoming a thing of the past. It is undeniable that custom magnets are superior in efficacy when compared with similar paper products, and they benefit the environment. To the average person, the perks of a custom magnet may be ambiguous, but be warned, once you experience the quality of Blue Bee Printing, an outstanding custom magnet company, there will be no going back.

The business world is a rapidly-growing field and the only way to keep up is to prove to customers that your company is the best. In order to make that message abundantly clear to your current and potential customers, you must master many aspects of advertising.

Most importantly, people have to recognize your brand or company logo. Once there is a level of recognition, there has to be a positive connection when the individual sees your logo or hears your catch phrase. For example, if a person is out for coffee and they see your logo hanging on the community cork board, you want them to have a positive thought; a thought that will drive them to seek out your product or service.

As you can tell, one of the widespread and growing uses of custom magnets is via the art of advertisement. Most business owners have experienced that a well-designed magnetic business card is the perfect way to get your name out there. Advertising with a magnet can come in the form of sharing your logo or brand in a magnet form at conventions or workshops. Attendees that bring home your magnet will be likely to hang it on their personal or work refrigerator.

You might wonder why a magnet is so different than handing out a paper business card or logo. Here’s the answer: most people simply don’t toss magnets in the trash or recycling. A paper business card will get lost in the shuffle and then when someone finds it, they are likely to toss it in the garbage bin. In the end, you will end up spending less money because magnets are so versatile and reusable.

The latest update on your favorite sports team is never far away; in fact, it’s always at your fingertips. What better way to show your loyalty to your beloved team than a custom magnet? Here at Blue Bee, we love sparking a greater fire for sports teams. Your favorite team may not even be a professional team. Perhaps you want to show your pride for your son’s soccer team. Depending on the age of your son, he might not appreciate his mom’s team spirit quite as much, but you have to show your support! Blue Bee has the tools you need to insert the logo onto the magnet and design it in the exact shape that you desire. Next step: stick it on your refrigerator, filing cabinet, or any other place where it will catch the eye of passersby, giving you ample opportunity for bragging rights.

Undoubtedly, one of our most popular magnets is the bumper sticker magnet. Bumper sticker magnets can be customized any way you would like with Blue Bee as your custom magnet company. Other drivers have a direct view of your bumper everywhere you go, especially people that drive a little too close, even as that may be frustrating at times. Use this to your advantage! Don’t be afraid to advertise your business, your favorite sports team (professional or recreational), or simply the hobby you are most passionate about.

One example of a hobby to boast about on your magnetic bumper sticker is running! After you’ve run a half or full marathon, or even a triathlon – you should be proud! A great way to remind yourself of your own awesome achievements is by creating a cool custom bumper sticker after each race you run.

In terms of business advertising, especially for start-ups, you want as much visibility as possible. Pass out your custom bumper stickers to all of your friends and family, as well as your current customers. Loyal customers are often supremely passionate and excited to share the brands they love the most. Soon enough, your logo will be everywhere.

Don’t fall behind on the customized magnet train! It’s without a doubt one of the most effective and cost-sensitive forms of advertising, along with social media, of course. At Blue Bee Printing, we have a host of opportunities for creativity for our customers. Your hand in the process is as easy as pie. We can’t wait to see what designs you come up with, too. Feel free to reach out with any questions and we look forward to working with you!

8 Uses for Blue Bee’s Customizable Stickers

multiple custom stickers

As a child, the highlight of going to the doctor was probably being rewarded for a good visit with a sticker of your choice. Once the stage of childhood had passed, stickers became less of a common reward, but nostalgia means that many adults still have a great affinity for beautiful stickers. Blue Bee Printing brings back the simple joy of stickers, but we take ‘sticker’ to a whole new level. Rather than using a sticker that has already been designed, you have the privilege of creating your own one-of-a-kind invention. Customizable stickers are an outstanding and effective way to get your point across in an innovative manner, from advertising a business to designing reminder tabs for yourself. Don’t be surprised when you not only receive an influx of compliments on your stickers, but when your business takes off as well. Keep reading to learn about eight unique uses for Blue Bee’s customizable stickers!

1. Ageless advertising

Perhaps you have a new business up and running or maybe you’re a well-known staple in the local community. Whether you’re an annual participant in Small Business Saturday or you oversee the marketing department of a massive corporation, customizable stickers will serve you well. You might be wondering how exactly advertising with stickers can be a benefit. The more that potential customers see your brand, the more likely they will be to remember it. For example, if you own a bakery and someone notices your sticker in a passing glance, it may trigger a desire to make a visit, especially if they start salivating at the thought of a famous sticky bun. 

2. Effortless event hype

Along with advertising your brand, customizable stickers are a productive form of letting others know about the current happenings. For example, if your business has a special event coming up in the next few weeks, design a bold sticker to catch the eye of passersby or store infiltrates. By the time your event rolls around, you’ll have more attendees than you can handle! When more people are aware of your business, more chatting will occur on the street. Word will get around, and if you continue to provide high-quality services or products, business will roll in.

3. Superb save-the-dates

You’ve got a wedding around the corner and you need a creative way to get the word out. Right here is your answer. Design your reminder on our website and give the invite a dash of sparkle and a hint of pizazz. Maybe you’re planning a baby or bridal shower for your best friend and you don’t want people to forget the important date. A customized sticker with a special event-specific design will surely stick the date to the invitee’s brain.

4. Recognizable reminders

For years, you’ve been diligently scribing all of the endless to-do lists into a planner, but you’ve only recently begun to realize that an aging mind just can’t keep up. Maybe you’ve got ‘mom brain’, a condition where all of the content in your brain rapidly disappears. Whatever the case may be, customized stickers are the perfect way to put a little extra boost behind the item on your to-do list. You could get extra creative and color-code the stickers based on the category of the task. Associating a bright sticker with a certain responsibility may just give your mom-brain the pick-me-up for which it has been searching.

5. Resounding rewards for kids

I haven’t met a child who isn’t immediately mesmerized at the gifting of a sticker. Perhaps you’ve reached the potty-training stage. Every parent has their own approach, but the occasional reward isn’t a negative approach. Customized stickers are an affordable, but unique way to reward your child without giving them sweets or some kind of food. 

6. Customized chore charts

One of the most satisfying things in life is to cross an item off your to-do list. Most likely, you have some type of chore chart to keep your child accountable and train them in having responsibilities. Customizable chore stickers are another way to reward your child for completion of a task. You could even design stickers that correlate to each chore. It makes the experience more enjoyable for your child, while also helping them to understand the importance of having responsibilities. 

7. Water bottle add-ons

One of the fads among youngsters is to slap meaningful or ‘cool’ stickers on water bottles. Certain brands have gained rapport with this trend and you might notice a common theme among bottles if you stop to take a gander. Not only do people stick a bunch of stickers on their water bottles, but laptops also seem to be a breeding ground for the trend. Here’s the thing, with a customizable sticker, you’re able to put any design on a sticker for your bottle or laptop. Do you have a certain quote that sticks in your mind? Create a sticker exactly to your liking, and add it to the spot of your choice. 

8. Beaming bumper stickers

Well, not everyone prefers a sticker on their bumper, but if you are one of those people, Blue Bee is the business for you. We provide an opportunity to make a unique sticker that sends the message of your choice. Whether you want a single word, a quote, or the logo of your favorite sports team, you can find exactly that at Blue Bee. 

Surely there are many more creative uses for customizable stickers and that is what we want you to figure out! Don’t hesitate to experiment with them, especially in the business world and in your home. We’re confident that you’ll quickly fall in love!

Designing a Magnetic Business Card that Stands Out

magnetic business card

If you’re looking for business cards that won’t get lost in the shuffle, magnetic business cards are a fun and effective option! Paper business cards get lost or thrown away, but magnetic cards stay secure on fridges, lockers, desk drawers, and any other metallic surface. Magnetic business cards become mini billboards for your business, ensuring that your skills, products, knowledge, or services are not forgotten. Here are a few qualities to aim for when designing an effective and attention grabbing magnetic business card.

1. Easy to Share

The great thing about magnets is they are easily transportable. Instead of holding a bunch of loose paper cards in your pocket, you can carry a stack of magnets with ease. Potential customers you hand your magnets out to can similarly carry the magnet easily in a pocket or purse. It is also easy to send out magnets in a promotional mailing. Their size and light weight makes them easy to fit in an envelope and cheap to mail out to a multitude of customers.

2.  Durability

Of all the different kinds of promotional items customers can receive, magnets tend to stand the test of time much better than others. T-shirts eventually get holes in them or, let’s face it, we “grow out of them.” Mugs and cups can break and are difficult to transport. Paper promotional items get quickly thrown away, eventually discarded, or unintentionally lost in the shuffle. The major benefit of a magnet is its sturdiness – strong enough to hold up to potential damage and it is less likely to get lost among other papers. A magnet can last a long time in your customer’s home or business.

3. Useful

Magnets are extremely useful. They can hold everything from important documents to kids’ drawings while also serving as their own tiny decorations. Magnets can be found on almost every fridge in America, becoming in-home advertisements directly absorbed by your customers every day. A magnetic business card that has a purpose in a customer’s day to day life is much more likely to stick around. Your card is sure to be on hand in the event a future customer ever needs your services.

4.  Low Cost, Endless Advertising

No matter how big or small your business is, magnets will easily fit into your advertising budget. And for the low cost, you get so much out of a magnetic business card! Not only are you creating a promotional item that your customers will actually find useful, every time your magnet is used, you’ll be getting free advertising. A magnet stuck on a fridge in a client’s home will be seen by everyone in the house as well as any visitors. This exposure multiplies for magnets displayed in businesses. You can end up with thousands of views of your “mini billboard.”

5.  Endless Customization

With Blue Bee Printing, if you can dream it, we can print it! Our online design tool allows you to choose from thousands of colors, fonts, and shapes to create the perfect magnet for your business card. You can upload your logo, use your exact business colors, and determine how you want to showcase your business. We offer die-cut options for fun, unique shapes to grab the attention of your customers. With so many customizing options, you can be sure to get the product you need to fit your business needs.

Our magnets can be so much more than just business cards. Blue Bee Printing will work with you to produce custom magnets to advertise your business. Magnets are also a great way to promote an upcoming event or to mark a business milestone.  Service call magnets can provide customers easy access to your services, hours, and how to get a hold of you. If your business already has a solid base of regular customers, let them show off their support by handing out a magnet of your logo with their next purchase. We can even create custom car magnet advertisements so you can market your business on the go! Every which was you look at it, custom magnets are a great way to promote your business.