Magnets are Everywhere!

magnets are everywhere

Magnets are something you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about, but they are part of our every day events. Beyond those of us with magnets plastering our fridge holding up all our things to be remembered, magnets make tasks in our daily lives simpler. If you take the time to think about it, you realize that magnets are everywhere!

Let’s start with those magnets on your fridge. Maybe you’re a minimalist and prefer not to clutter your fridge with anything. Perhaps your fridge is your command center, so it is where you put your calendars, invitations and your magnetic dry erase meal plan board. You can also buy magnetic picture sleeves and create a collage of your friends and loved ones.

Many folks like to collect magnets from places they’ve traveled as souvenirs. Additionally, promotional magnets are one of the most common giveaways from companies and various organizations. You may have a magnet clip for holding files, or an informative magnet that tells you who to call in a power outage, or a magnetic reminder of the proper conversion of tablespoons to cups.

Beyond “fridge” decor, you can find magnets in many other places, like your car – magnetic bumper stickers are now preferred over stickers as they are easier to remove. If you have a child who is a student using a locker, there are many different types of magnetic organization and decoration supplies to use. Magnetic hooks and curtain rods can be use on metal doors. Magnets are also commonly used on a variety of cupboards and doors to provide a secure closure. Even newer mailboxes are switching over to a magnetic closure.

Magnets are also used in many scientific applications. We rely on magnets in electric generators to convert mechanical energy into electricity. Interestingly, once we get that current into our homes, we have motors that utilize magnets to convert electricity back into mechanical work. They are especially important for the electronic devices we have come to rely upon. Below is a short list of just some of the many household electronics that use magnets:

  • Ice dispenser
  • The rotating tray in a microwave
  • Fans
  • Hair dryers
  • Aquarium pumps
  • Garage door opener
  • Blenders

Magnets have also revolutionized the medical field, particularly with imaging. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines use powerful magnetic fields and allow us to see inside the body by generating radio signals. Magnets are also used in cancer treatment.  Doctors inject magnetic fluids into cancerous areas and use a strong magnet to create heat in the body. By doing this, they can target the cancer cells without damaging patients’ healthy tissues.

Any technological device that has a hard drive uses magnets. Your computer relies on magnets to spin the motor of the hard drive. Likewise, any speaker you use to listen to your favorite tunes was built utilizing some form of magnetism between a coiled wire and a permanent magnet.

Nowadays, everywhere you go, you see people wearing headphones as they make their way to work, home or to leisure activities. One of the most mind-bending facts of all is that without magnets, we would not have the internet that we use for just about everything! The internet relies on a vast network of hard drives, and as previously mentioned, hard drives employ magnets. We need these hard drives to store the vast array of information that is available online. You are reading this article because of a web of hard drives that hold the information online together.

Our modern world is made possible by magnets. Without us even giving them much thought, magnets are quietly making things happen for us all day long.

How to Make a Custom DIY Sticker Organizer

DIY sticker organizer

Stickers are fun to collect and have a way of bringing a smile to your face every time you look at them. Because of that appeal, it is easy to quickly amass a disorganized mess. If you are a child of the 80s, perhaps you had a sticker book collection that resulted in pages of stickers you were afraid to use. Today, we can have new and better ways to organize our stickers and make sure that we are actually enjoying them for their intended purpose. Below are some strategies for creating a DIY sticker organizer as well as ideas for creating sticker categories.

There are some questions you may want to ask yourself before you undertake the project. Do you have a budget for what you want to spend on this organizational project? You do not have to spend a lot of money to create a system to organize your stickers, and depending on your style it can be a lot more practical than cute. If aesthetics are important to you – how much money are you willing to spend?

Next, consider your space. Do you have a dedicated space for your sticker collection or have you been stashing them away in a closet or shelf until you have time to pull out your supplies? Then ask yourself the reason why you most use stickers. Teaching, parenting, letter writing, scrapbooking and collecting are some of the most common sticker uses. Finally, consider the most common organizational techniques and be honest about which one best matches your style.

Remember, you do not have to spend a ton of money to organize your stickers!

After you have your purpose, pull out your stickers and create piles. Begin by putting like categories together and a pattern will begin to develop. Organize by season, holiday, and general theme. While you’re doing this, take time to declutter your sticker stash. Get rid of extras and stickers you simply don’t want to hold onto. Consider donating to a local shelter or teacher.

Paper clip your like subjects together and label them with self-stick notes. Then play with your organization and decide how you want to order them, chronologically by season, alphabetically by theme, or any other method that appeals to you. Finally, count your different categories and choose your organizer from some of the options listed below.

Box and Subject Dividers

This method is the most budget friendly. If you have a decent shoebox and some card stock, you have all you need. If you are feeling inspired, you can decoupage colored paper or magazine clippings on the outside of the box. Most stickers sheets are 8½” by 5½” or smaller, so the box doesn’t have to be gigantic. Cardstock paper cut in half will make great dividers for your categories.

Another low cost alternative is to use a photo box. These can be purchased at hobby stores. Often, they come with subject dividers and with a variety of paper finishes. If they do not have enough dividers for your collection, you can easily make more using the dividers as a template.  Plastic bins are another good option, especially if you have to store your collection in a less climate-controlled area.

Getting organized will help you get more enjoyment out of your collection.

Expanding File Folders

This is one of the most travel friendly and efficient options, although you will have some cost involved. File folders come with different numbers of dividers so you can decide by your categories what size and how many folders you need. This would work well with a seasonal approach to organizing. You could have a folder for each season and one for miscellaneous categories. If you like a feeling of continuity, you may want to purchase extra folders, especially if you plan to continue growing your collection.

Three Ring Binder

This is perhaps the tidiest but most time and cost intensive approach. Depending on the stickers in your collection, you can choose either a full size binder or a mini binder. You will also need subject dividers. Most people who use this approach also purchase plastic sheet protectors to keep the collections organized. The advantage to this method is portability and flexibility. It is easy to add and remove sticker sheets and categories as needed. An alternative take on this method is to use an upright paper towel holder with ring clips and sheet protectors to have a tabletop organization of their stickers.

Regardless of the technique you choose, be sure to find one that you are motivated to maintain.  It needs to speak to your style and habits as well as ensure that you are able to enjoy your wonderful collection of stickers for years to come.





Printing Magnets Online is Easy with Blue Bee!

printing magnets online

Magnets are a fun and practical way to promote a business, advertise a service, commemorate a special day, or get the word out about an event. With Blue Bee Printing’s online design studio, you can make customized magnets from wherever you are! All of our magnets are completely customizable, allowing you to create the exact product you need. Printing magnets online is easy with Blue Bee Printing.


Customized magnets are a creative, memorable way to advertise your business. Customers will eventually throw away paper handouts or business cards, but magnets provide a practical use that will ensure your company has a place in your client’s office or on their fridge at home for years to come. Magnets help keep your business front and center through all the hustle and bustle of your customer’s day. Think of a magnet as a mini-billboard inserted into the homes and businesses of your customers.

printing magnets online

Our customized magnets add a personalized charm to any announcement or invitation. Photos make excellent, memorable magnets for any occasion. Introduce the world to your new baby, celebrate your engagement, or thank your wedding guests with a picture magnet they will cherish forever. Magnets are also an attention grabbing way to spread the word on a big event. Instead of an ordinary paper ‘Save the Date,’ send your friends and family a keepsake for your special day that they won’t misplace and that they can keep forever.


Our Custom Design Studio gives you endless options to customize your magnet design. This tool gives you the control over the shape, color, font, and images on the magnet. Creating a unique, attention-grabbing design is easy with our design tool. You can upload a design or logo you already have, edit an image with our design tool, or create a design from scratch. If you need some inspiration to get started, you can choose from hundreds of pre-loaded templates and customize them with our design tool. You design it and we take care of printing!


You choose the thickness, durability, and strength of the magnet you design. Magnets can be printed with a matte or gloss finish and we also offer a UV laminate option to protect the colors of your design from fading in the sun. This is helpful if you plan to display your magnets outside or even in a room that gets a lot of sunlight. Blue Bee Printing also offers fully customizable car magnets in a range of sizes so you can advertise your business or services on the go.


All of our magnets are guaranteed to display vibrant, colorful images and designs. Our system includes an accurately mapped color palette to ensure proper 4-color printing, giving you hundreds of custom color options. Our printers print 300 dpi (dots per inch) to ensure a sharp resolution. The use of offset printing allows us to produce the highest quality prints for both text and images. You create your own custom design and we will take your vision and turn it into reality.


Magnets are a great way to create memorable, attention grabbing designs that last. Our clients have used our customized magnets for everything from business advertisements and personal keepsakes for family and friends to learning tools for young children and photo gifts for special occasions. At Blue Bee Printing, our goal is to offer our customers amazing quality and reliable products at fair prices. Visit our website to start designing your magnets now.

Personalize Your Phone with Custom Phone Case Stickers

custom phone case stickersIt seems like everywhere you turn your head, hands are holding sleek, reflective rectangles. These little devices are much more significant than first meets the eye. Since the advent of smartphones, they have essentially became a virtual addendum to our bodies, assimilated into every crevice of our lives. With that amount of presence in our lives, naturally, phones have now become a medium through which we express ourselves, in more ways than one. Social media is probably the first form of expression that comes to mind, and it’s also the most common. We express ourselves through texting, taking pictures to store on our phones, talking, emailing, and posting on social media apps. One more conspicuous, yet intriguing way that individuals express themselves via a cell phone is with custom phone case stickers. We already do this with our laptops, and now it has spread to our beloved hand-held devices.

Your creative side probably starts to light up just thinking about designing unique, custom phone case stickers. One of our most popular products is die-cut stickers, which makes it possible for you to create stickers in any design, color and shape that you can imagine. The most intricate pattern doesn’t intimidate us! Die-cut stickers give you the freedom to defy the status quo of a boring old phone case and add personal pizzazz to your first line of communication.

As you begin to imagine how you’re going to bring your ideas to life, take some time to explore the options that we offer. If you already have a picture in your mind of what you’re hoping to create, that’s great! We are ready to help. If not, we have some ideas for you. Making your phone case more personal can be as understated as a sticker with your initials on it, also known as a monogram. With a multitude of fonts, colors, and styles, you can create an especially unique sticker. Maybe you’re even thinking of a sticker with your name on it. That kind of personalization is always a classic go-to.

custom phone case stickers

If you’re a sports fan, the perfect sticker might involve the logo or mascot of your favorite team. What better way to represent your team than with a phone case sticker? You’ll be more than prepared when the season rolls around. Not only can you share your favorite team, but a custom sticker is also a fantastic way to showcase a favorite musician, band, brand, or company.

That takes us to our next point: stickers are the perfect method for advertising. If you’re self-employed, work for a small business, or are in charge of advertising for a business, here’s an ingenious idea. Phone case stickers are an ingenious way to get the name and logo of your business out into the world. People love the idea of sticking an eye-catching sticker on their phones. Not only will this remind the person of your business every time they pick up their phone, but every other person that sees the phone will be reminded as well.

Branding is crucial in today’s world where we are surrounded by innumerable companies, businesses, and organizations that all vie for our attention. Once you have a rough idea of a sticker design in your mind, it’s time to make it tangible. Our website will walk you through the steps. Before you know it, you’ll have your newest form of advertisement. Custom phone case stickers are a nifty way to make your phone case more creative and colorful. We can’t wait to work with you!

Print Photo Stickers Using Your Computer and Blue Bee Printing


print photo stickers using your computer

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some originality and color to a craft or project, stickers are always a fun option. At Blue Bee Printing, we offer a wide range of customizable sticker options, including custom photo stickers. Photo stickers are an excellent way to add whimsy and charm to any project, from unique, personalized cards to tailor made labels. It’s easy to print photo stickers using your computer and Blue Bee Printing!

We offer a full range of customizing options including backgrounds, vibrant colors, clip art, shapes and text to make your personalized stickers pop! With nine different paper options, dozens of colors, and endlessly customizable design choices, Blue Bee Printing is here to help make your creative ideas a reality. With our 300 dots per inch resolution and ensured 4-color printing technology, we guarantee your photo stickers will be as sharp and vibrant as the original photo. Our Design Canvas tool makes it easy to transform your favorite photos into a set of fun, personalized photo stickers. Simply upload photos from your personal photo library and you’re ready to start creating the perfect design!

Making personal and creative labels is easy with photo stickers. Showcase your skills in the kitchen by creating custom labels to stick on your homemade goods. Use a photo of the garden where you grow your tomatoes and peppers to label your famous salsa. Include a picture of your vineyard on the label for your wine. Designate your homebrew with a photo of you and your friends enjoying the first sips of a new brew. Photo stickers give you the option to label your homemade goods in a fun and unique way. Use the photo stickers to personalize your goods for holidays, bake sales, farmers markets, or to simply share with friends and family.

You can go above and beyond the family stick figure window stickers with personalized photo bumper stickers and window stickers. You can show the world how proud you are of your family and their accomplishments. Create a custom photo sticker of your adorable pets so they can always be with you on your travels. Photo stickers for your car are also a great way to advertise a business or campaign while you’re on the go.

Photo stickers are the perfect way to celebrate someone special or commemorate an important event. Creating personalized invitations is easy with the addition of photo stickers. You can use the stickers to seal envelopes, customize generic stationary, or add a pop of color to homemade cards. Include a sticker of your ultrasound for baby shower invitations or a photo of the beaming bride for bridal shower invites. Creating a photo sticker of a picture from an engagement shoot is an easy way to include a photo of you and your future spouse on wedding invitations. Photo stickers are a convenient and endlessly customizable way to add personality to your invitations.

Photo stickers are also a great addition to Christmas cards, birthday cards, and other stationary. Customize a gift by decorating the wrapping with photo stickers of you and your loved one or make unique party favors by creating stickers using the photo of the person being celebrated. Add personality to your wall calendar by designing photo stickers to help you track birthdays, anniversaries, and special events. You can even use a photo sticker on the inside of books you lend to friends to assure your books always find their way back to your shelf. There is no limit on the fun ways you can use your personalized photo stickers!

Photo stickers are a great way to create fun, memorable crafts with a personal touch. Blue Bee Printing provides custom printing for any budget. Click on the Custom Stickers link on our homepage to start creating your custom photo stickers today!

Using Unique Die Cut Magnets for Impact

unique die cut magnets

Any type of magnet can increase the number of times that a person sees your logo or brand, but only exquisitely-designed magnets will hold that glance for longer than a second. A typical passerby may take a quick look at a brightly-colored or uniquely-shaped magnet, but unless the design has a dash of sass and a pinch of spice mixed in, it won’t receive any further attention. Unique die cut magnets, if created with an understanding of the marketing world, will undoubtedly improve your business and impact on the consumer world.

Running a business that centers on its customers drives us to provide only first-rate prices and materials. Not only are our die cut magnets the most lightweight, but they are also extremely economical. Their thin and light structure makes them outstanding for mailing to potential or current customers. Because this is probably the most common use of die cut magnets, it’s important to know how exactly your business will be affected.

Most likely, you’ll want your business’s “image” to appear on the magnet, whether with the logo or a catch phrase. It may take some time and deep thought to get your logo exactly how you want it. Your goal is to have a brand logo that is attractive and concise while simultaneously conveying your message. Once you’ve tangibly created the eye-catching design that has been bouncing around in your mind, your next step is to get them ordered. Your goal is for the magnets to have some kind of impact on your business, with a higher net income being the finish line. It takes time, creativity, and the right intentions to reach that spot.

Fortunately, die cut magnets are a straightforward, practical, and inexpensive way to promote your brand and business. Once you have possession of your magnets, you can mail them out, give them out, or even sell them (though everyone prefers a free magnet.) Encourage people to stick them on their cars, laptops, refrigerators, and other magnetized surfaces. The more often that a customer looks at your magnet, the more likely they will remember it.

For example, if you have a business that sells refrigerator gaskets, the rubber seal around the door of a fridge or freezer, the next time a restaurant needs gaskets replaced, your logo could be the first to pop up in their minds. That is, if you’ve advertised with intentionality. If you’ve sent a magnet to that restaurant, or they are familiar with your business, they’ll be more likely to call someone with whom they are comfortable and has a superb reputation.

The difference between die cut magnets and other types of magnets is that you can essentially make any design into a magnet. This is why they are outstanding for marketing and promotion. Your creativity in how you will attract the eyes of a potential customer can be made into a magnet.

The nifty aspect of our die cut magnets is that they can be placed indoors or outdoors, and they can be specifically made for protection against UV rays. Our magnets are made from only top quality materials and prove themselves to be durable.

Hopefully, you’re considering the variety of possibilities that die cut magnets can offer. Add your own touch of spice to the mix and before you know it, you’ll have a sparkling new logo. Bring that idea for a new business face to fruition; your business will thank you.

Peel and Stick Vinyl Stickers with Great Sticking Power

peel and stick vinyl stickers

You have the most terrific idea in mind for your new business: a one-of-a-kind logo that you somehow want to stick to the front window of your store. The problem you’re running into is that the logo is quite detailed and it needs to be large enough for people to be able to read it from the street. Fortunately, Blue Bee Printing can solve both of your problems! Our peel and stick vinyl stickers will not only add a unique feature to your business, but they are always designed and created with superior quality.

You may be wondering if these stickers are able to withstand rain, snow, and scorching sun. Thankfully, you can place these stickers on the inside or the outside of the desired surface. When choosing the type of paper you want for your stickers, you’ll find that almost all of them are waterproof, allowing them to face the elements. That feature is important if you plan to place the sticker on an outside surface. Additionally, we utilize a UV coating that protects the colors from fading or scratching.

Don’t worry about customers not being able to see your extraordinary logo; we offer custom sizing and designs. Once you decide on the design of your sticker, we will create the exact size that you’re looking for! Also, keep in mind that intricate designs don’t scare us away. We are accustomed to working with complicated logos that have many twists, turns, cuts, corners, and holes.

Now you might be imagining just a picture in your mind when it comes to custom stickers. Maybe you’re wondering if you can also have the name of your business in vinyl sticker form. With Blue Bee – you absolutely can! What better way to promote your company than with a stick-on form of your business’s name? With your unique design, you can place it on a store window or company vehicle. Another popular use of these vinyl stickers in today’s age is to slap them on the cover of a laptop. Quirky names and favorite logos are popping up in more and more places, which is frankly the best kind of advertising because it’s virtually FREE.

Vinyl lettering, perfect for business names, brands, or other content you’d like to make visible, makes it super easy to display your store hours, logo design, your business’s “catch phrase,” or even your mission statement. If you want the customer to see one of these as soon as, or even before they enter your store, you don’t need to look any further than right here.

If you’re specifically searching for vinyl stickers that can be placed on the exterior of a vehicle or other outdoor object, our UV specialties are outstanding! This laminate protects your stickers from rain, scratches, and sun fading. What’s even more amazing is that the stickers can be designed in any color and this UV addition will help to maintain their beauty.

Obviously, no matter where you stick your new additions, the high-quality design and materials will ensure fantastic sticking power as well as eye-popping colors. With these magnificent stickers, your branding power will increase ten-fold and your logo will ‘stick’ in the minds of both your current and potential customers. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or contact us. We have a very easy-to-use online chat window on our home page for your convenience.

10 Creative Uses for Magnets that will Make Your Life Easier

10 Creative Uses for Magnets that will Make Your Life Easier

Today we will explore 10 creative uses for magnets that can make your everyday life easier. At Blue Bee Printing, we have many custom options for magnets and we can customize them to fit your needs. Some of the options available to you are: die cut magnets, round magnets, oval magnets, rounded corner magnets, square magnets, rectangle magnets, and magnets sheets. Blue Bee Printing can also help customers turn photographs into customized magnets. Whether you plan to use magnets for fun or work, we have found that there are virtually endless ways to use magnets both around the home and in the office.

Some of the ways our customers are using our custom magnets include:

  1. Providing entertainment and education for children by giving them a set of magnets that have letters and numbers on them. The various combinations of letters and numbers allow children to be creative while being eco-friendly and not using paper pads all of the time when practicing the basics. Plus, magnets can be easily stored on a magnetic surface, such as a board or fridge.
  2. Hanging up clothing in the closet, using metal hangers. This reuses metal hangers you might have acquired during a shopping trip and the magnets prevent clothing from falling off the railing in your closet.
  3. Finding metal studs in a wall. This can be very helpful if you do not have a stud finder close by or if you are helping out a friend who doesn’t own a stud finder.
  4. Showcasing photographs of projects you have either already completed or those you plan to do in the future. You can hang these photographs on a fridge or on your garage’s metal workbench. This is also a good way to show off your children’s artwork.
  5. Keeping pins and needles in a safe place for crafting (inside a non-ferrous jar). You can also use the magnet to gather up all of your pins and needles when you have finished a project and the sharp objects are scattered. This method will help ensure that you don’t miss any; especially important for those who have young children or pets.
  6. Picking up nails and screws which often end up scattered after a project. Many wives will be much happier if their spouses keep the garage or work area cleaner!
  7. Keeping an extra set of keys underneath your vehicle, secured with a magnetic box, in case you accidentally lock your keys in your vehicle.
  8. Creating a vision board by applying special magnetic paint to a surface. Once the paint is dry, you can use magnets to hold inspirational photographs, future plans, maps, and more on the vision board.
  9. Adhering steel framing squares on the outside of toolboxes. This can provide easy and quick access to allow for gluing magnets to the sides of the toolbox.
  10. Storing knives in a safe manner – create your own magnetic knife holder and stop fumbling with sharp knives in a drawer. Not only is this a safer alternative, but it will keep your knives sharper, longer.












Using Postcards for Marketing

using postcards for marketing

Using postcards for marketing is a time-tested and efficient strategy that businesses of all kinds have been utilizing for years—and for good reason. It works! At Blue Bee Printing, many of our customers are using postcards as part of their marketing plan for their businesses. Creating a colorful, engaging postcard campaign is easy with our custom printing services.

One of the best things about postcard marketing is the direct link it creates with the customer. Instead of simply placing an ad in the newspaper or on the radio, you are in direct contact with specific customers. This direct marketing gives you control over who you are reaching and allows you to really focus on a targeted group of potential customers. You can use postcards to reconnect with customers you already have via a mailing list or attract new customers by contacting those who have just moved to your area.

Postcard campaigns are a creative way to successfully entice your customers into exploring everything your business has to offer.

A postcard is better than mail in an envelope because the moment someone has your postcard in their hand, they are engaging with the content and information on the postcard. There is no envelope between you and your message to potential customers. If your content is engaging, people will  immediately be drawn in. It is also the least expensive form of direct mail to create and send, meaning you are saving on overhead while simultaneously creating a bigger impact on customer experience of your brand.

You can send postcards for all kinds of things. Make former and repeat customers feel special by sending them a coupon for their birthday or the anniversary of a membership with your business. Spread the word about big sales and promotions to generate buzz. Let your customers know about new services you offer. If your business requires regular appointments, a postcard is a great way to alert customers of an upcoming appointment date in a fun and memorable way. Postcards are also a great way to showcase a new website or drive visitors to a low-traffic website. Think of a postcard campaign as a mini announcement of what your customers or potential customers may be missing about your business.

With Blue Bee Printing, the sky is the limit when it comes to designing your postcard! It is important to make sure your design is attention grabbing but also facilitates an easy transfer of information to your customer. Make the design colorful, unique and interesting but keep your overall message simple. Your postcard should be more like an enticing carrot to dangle, not the full sales pitch. The goal is to get people interested in visiting your business. Once you have them face to face, you can take the time to really connect with them as a customer. A short, simple slogan and an engaging theme can go a long way in generating customer interest!

Postcard marketing is an ideal and affordable way to create a direct link with your current and potential customers.

It is important to make sure your postcard won’t be mistaken for junk and tossed in the bin. You have to differentiate yourself from junk mail and mass ad campaigns. One way to do this is to make sure your postcard doesn’t look like an ad. Keep the front of your postcard simple and inviting. Once your customer has been pulled in by the front, they will take the time to look at the information on the back—even if it is only out of curiosity to see where this funny or creative postcard came from. This is where you can explain the purpose of the postcard and invite the customer to visit your business. Make sure to include important contact information like your location, business hours, website, or phone number.

Postcard campaigns are a creative way to successfully entice your customers into exploring everything your business has to offer. Get in touch with Blue Bee Printing today to create your custom postcard design.

Getting Organized in the Kitchen with Custom Labels

getting organized in the kitchen

In many homes, the kitchen is the center of activity. It’s where we enjoy family meals, game day snacks with friends, pancakes on Sunday mornings, and late night ice cream parties during sleepovers. For the host with the most, it’s important to always be ready to whip up something delicious but it’s also easy to find yourself lost in the clutter. In the kitchen, a little organization can go a long way. Today we are going to talk about getting organized in the kitchen with our custom labels—so you can spend less time tracking down that “missing ingredient” and more time focused on the sweeter moments in life.

One of the first steps to getting organized in the kitchen is getting rid of the clutter. That means purging that old pile of papers you’ve had sitting on the counter since you moved in, but you’ll need to assess all of your foodstuffs as well. While this can feel overwhelming, the end result will be worth it! Get started by:

  1. Pull everything out of your cabinets and drawers and take a full inventory of all the items you have.
  2. Throw away expired items or spices you have no intention of using.
  3. Make a list of the items you have to toss so you can restock with fresh ingredients the next time you go to the store.
  4. Do a thorough deep clean of all the nooks and crannies that are ordinarily too crowded to really scrub. You could also take this time to replace old drawer and shelf liners to give your kitchen a fresh, clean feel.

Now that you have a good idea of what kind of space you have and the items you definitely want to keep, it’s time to make a game plan. Take stock of the everything and how you want to organize them to best fit your needs in the kitchen.

Do you bake every weekend? Put your baking supplies front and center! Determine the number and sizes of containers you will need. If your kitchen is small, it may not be feasible to store items in bulk. Get smaller containers that take up less space and are easier to store so that you’ll have easy access when you need them.

Next it’s time for shopping! Look for containers that are functional but also match your kitchen’s style or feel. There are options available for all tastes – from country rustic to modern utilitarian. Besides containers, consider purchasing a lazy Susan, a spice rack, or baskets to further help you organize your kitchen. The ever popular mason jar is perfect for many different design ideas and will keep all of your ingredients fresh. Take great joy in donating all of your mismatched spice jars and outdated containers!

Once you have your containers, it’s time to get busy labeling. Blue Bee Printing offers many options for custom labels so you can get the exact look you are going for. From bright, colorful labels with vibrant pictures to simplistic, modern designs, we provide labels in any size, color, and style to match the vision you have for your kitchen.

Our labels will securely stick to any container – whether it’s glass, wood, tin, or plastic. You can label to your heart’s content knowing that our labels are made with high quality paper and adhesive. Instead of generic labels from a department store, custom labels through Blue Bee Printing give your kitchen a personalized feel. Use the labels to identify spices and other ingredients, designate the expiration date of items, and to mark shelves. With our custom labels, you can relabel containers as needed and add more labels as your inventory grows.

Organizing a kitchen is no small feat. However, with Blue Bee Printing, you can create a custom organizing scheme to bring order and creativity to the most important room in your home.