We Have Custom Stickers for Birthday Parties!

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Hooray, it’s that time of year again! You may or may not be looking forward to this special day, but you’re turning one year older. If your birthday isn’t something you enjoy celebrating, remember that it is a sign that you’re becoming wiser, and try to forget about the growing older part. No matter what age you’re celebrating, if you, a friend, or family member is hosting a birthday party, you want to make it as spirited, colorful, and lively as possible! What better way to pull off a superb party than with vibrant personalized decorations, especially with custom stickers for birthday party events?

Custom stickers are an easy and affordable way to personalize and brighten up any occasion. Not only will your guests see a personal part of you, but they can even take home a message written by you on each sticker. These one-of-a-kind adhesive decorations are perfect for embellishing tables, party favors, gift bags, cups, invitations, and presents. Your imagination can be brought to life and take your party to the next level!

Rather than creating e-vites, bring out your inner Ben Franklin (operator of the first post office) and mail out your party invitations. Sometimes, invitations can get lost in the shuffle or are just plain boring, but with personalized stickers, they will be sure to catch the eye of the guest. A bright pop on the invite will “stick” in your guests’ minds and you can even add a cute message.

custom stickers for birthday

Maybe you’re planning a themed party and you want to share that with your guests ahead of time. For example, if your son or daughter has been begging for a superhero-themed birthday party, create a sticker with a picture of Batman or Superman and place it on the card. Does your family member have an important birthday coming up, such as their 16th, 21st, or 50th? With the craziness of life, even family members may forget how old their loved one is turning. Placing a small sticker with the special year on the invitation can serve as a subtle but friendly reminder. Creating an adorable and cheerful sticker is sure to liven up any invitation!

After you’ve finished sending out the invitations, the next step is to start purchasing supplies and party favors. Cups, party hats, streamers, plates, napkins, silverware, oh my! You’re probably also going to need some balloons and party favors. Did you consider ordering balloons that match your custom stickers? Maybe you want to veer to the simple and more affordable side and stick with solid-colored cups, plates, and napkins. At the party, you won’t have any problem decorating them with custom stickers. You’ve probably found some streamers and a few other decorations, but you feel like you need one more addition to your theme. Stickers are the perfect solution to add some fun to the tablecloth, napkins, or other plain surfaces.

custom stickers for birthday

Once you’ve made all of your essential party purchases, it’s time for the moment everyone has been waiting for: the party! You’ve hung the balloons and streamers and covered the table(s) with tablecloths. If your party is small enough, it’s possible you’ve already set out the plates and cups. Either way, personalized stickers are a fantastic alternative to the boring, old method of scribbling guests’ names in black marker onto paper cups. Instead, each guest can use a unique sticker to differentiate the cups.

If you ordered stickers with just one design, you can still use them to decorate the cups. Another way to incorporate birthday stickers into the party is to slap them on the party hats. Lots of kids like wearing the cone-shaped hats at their parties, and custom stickers could make them even more exciting. If you’re handing out gift bags or party favors, what better way to share a special message with each of your guests than with custom stickers? A personalized sticker is the perfect way to write a short note or quote that your guests can take with them. Rather than reading the note and then tossing it in the trash as you would with a piece of paper, stickers can add a splash of color on a bookmark, a notebook, a planner, etc., and they last for a long time!

Your final task is to send out thank-you notes. Just like the invitations, a personalized sticker is sure to brighten the day of the guest that receives it. You could even put a quick message on the thank-you sticker letting your guest know how much you appreciate him or her. No matter how you decide to use your personalized stickers, it will add a dash of spice to any party. Visit Blue Bee Printing to let your imagination come to life and create your best custom stickers!

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